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Gerwyn Victor Lovett


Gerwyn Victor Lovett was born on May 22, 1897 in St. Donats, Wales. He was the fourth child of five born to William and Beatrice Eleanor Lovett. He was baptised on August 1, 1897. William and Beatrice’s other children were Walter George (born in 1888); Lottie (born in 1889); Illytd (born in 1892) and Trevor (born in 1900).

Early Life

William and his wife both taught at the National School in Maendy, where they lived in the school house. Gerwyn was enrolled as a pupil there on May 7, 1900. He remained at the school until September 1910, when he left to go to Intermediate School. In 1911, the family were still living at the same address.

Chester College

Gerwyn attended Chester College and left in 1917.

Military Service

Gerwyn originally attested on December 11, 1915, likely under the provisions of the Derby Scheme, as he was immediately posted to the Army Reserves. He was recorded as a student at that time, presumably already attending Chester College. He was called up for service on July 24, 1916 as Private 2874 Glamorgan Yeomanry. Having completed approximately three months of basic training, Gerwyn was transferred to Class “W” Army Reserve. This class of the reserve was for those soldiers whose service was deemed to be more valuable in civilian life than with the military.

Unfortunately for Gerwyn, in his case it appears that the reason for his transfer was on medical grounds. His records show that whilst undergoing basic training in August 1916 at a camp near Oswestry, he was unable to continue. After spending a week in hospital, he was assigned to clerical duties, but he was unable to carry them out. He was awarded a pension from November 11, 1916 as his condition was judged to have been aggravated by his military service. He was eventually discharged from the army on November 22, 1917. He was awarded a Silver War Badge number B107532 following his discharge.

Lest We Forget

Gerwyn died at home on March 6, 1919. He was buried at Ystradowen, St. Owain Cemetery, in Wales.