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I represent a business and I would like to find more about services, collaboration opportunities and research at the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

You may be interested to see an overview of research and collaboration opportunities with members of staff by clicking here. In addition, please have a look for further research opportunities and services via the Analytical Centre, the Energy Centre, the Aerochester group, Thornton Science Park, as well as the Riverside Innovation Centre. For more information please contact Prof. Graham Smith.

I'm a final-year student. How can I get a graduate job?

The University of Chester runs the Graduate Head Start programme, which is open to final year students and graduates from the University of Chester up to three years after graduation. Login the Career Hub to get started!

I would like to know more about student life at Chester. What is it like?

The University of Chester offers you a fantastic experience both on and off campus. Please find more information on our webpage dedicated to student life.

Tips before you visit for an Open Day!

Please watch the following video, where our presenter runs through the top five tips for getting the most out of your day. These are:

  1. Check you're going to the right campus
  2. Book your place online first
  3. Plan your day in advance using the timetables on our website
  4. Go to the registration point when you arrive
  5. Explore the campus and the city of Chester

I'm a student. How can I confirm my place in a course at the Department?

The following video is our guide to navigate your way through the UCAS process during the nervous confirmation period. Don't worry - we're here to help!

What do I need to do before starting a course at the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences?

There's lots to think about as you get ready to start university. It's an exciting time, but one where you'll need to be organised. The following video is step-by-step guide running through all of the jobs you'll need to complete in the coming months.