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"I have found the delivery and method of teaching the Arabic Language to the students at the Chester University far and above expectations. The quality of instruction and degree of capability beyond compare. A course and class worthy of profound recommendation."

Arabic Year 1 Student


"We all help each other. I love it."

“It’s a friendly atmosphere.”

“Lovely bunch of people.”

“It’s not embarrassing when you don’t get it at first.  Marie is really patient as is the rest of the class.”

“We have bonded as a group and we socialise.”

“Mandarin has already been useful in my job talking to people, even though I’m not fluent.”

 Chinese Mandarin Year 1 Students


"The French Language Course Parts 1 & 2 Beginners I took was brilliant. It was well paced, stretching and rewarding enough to make progress and there was an excellent balance of written, reading and spoken work. The tuition was both friendly and professional and I would highly recommend to anyone at any stage of language learning. C'est fantastique!"

French Year 1 Student

"The language class is a relaxed and fun way of improving your language skills, while also meeting a whole new bunch of people.  No chance of worrying about life's stresses, when you are engaging your brain in this way!"

French Year 2 Student


The tutor is a natural teacher. She brings enthusiasm, humour and patience to every class and this makes learning German in her classes a pleasure.  She caters for all levels of ability and manages to bring the best out of each of her pupils through her clear and precise method of teaching.  Highly recommended!" 

German Year 1 Student

"Since joining the programme at Chester University I feel that my German has improved significantly, making me more confident to use it more regularly. One of my motivations has been our very enthusiastic German teacher. She makes sure that Deutsch lernen viel Spaß macht! The class has also been a great foundation to find other people with similar interests."

"The course is well structured; it stimulates learning by its choice of topics which are relevant to either work or pleasure in a German context.  The pace of learning is good as is the selection of teaching materials.  Most notable, however,  is the quality of the teacher, who is excellent.  The course is fun.  It is learning for pleasure."

German Year 2 Students

"The tutor has a "lively" teaching style and I would say successfully engages the course members.  Although she has very thorough course material she readily adapts the lesson if participants need further input on a specific aspect of the language."

German Year 3 Student 

"Our tutor is FANTASTIC! She certainly knows how to motivate.  I look forward to the class every week because of her."

German Six Week Taster Student


"Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect from a Japanese class, but when I started, I was greeted by a friendly tutor and many students who shared the same goal as me. The lessons are structured in a way that are easy to follow and gives a concise plan of what to do and how the language works. The grammar and vocabulary lessons are invaluable to anyone who seriously wants to study Japanese, however, they are fun and memorable and give you a real confidence boost when using Japanese language in your everyday life."

Japanese Year 1 Student

“The Japanese class is a fun and informal way to broaden your mind. I have always been interested in the language, and these classes have given me an excellent foundation to build from. Highly recommended for those who want to learn, but perhaps don’t have the time in their lives to commit to a more intense course”

Japanese Year 2 Student


"Our tutor was very enthusiastic. She is an experienced teacher, has an encouraging attitude towards her students, and is able to put the Portuguese language into everyday context. she prepared well for her classes, was always helpful in her explanations and showed how the language was used in many different ways in the Portuguese-speaking world. I would wholeheartedly recommend studying with her."

"I really enjoyed the Portuguese class - the class content was presented in a structured format that was easy to follow.  The teacher was very motivating and encourageing.  This was a fun class and a great opportunity to meet other people!  I now have a basic understanding of the language and looking forward to learning more."

Portuguese Year 1 Students


"From my perspective I have found parts 1 and 2 to be very enjoyable, a little tricky at times but useful and good fun none the less.  The class is very friendly and well run.  During my recent trip to Sicily I was able to have simple conversations with the family of my daughter's boyfriend without her having to translate on my behalf all of the time.  With the phases you have taught me I felt confident enough and able to converse with the people at our hotel and in restaurants and shops, so to that end I am achieving what I set out to do by enrolling in the class."

Italian Year 1 Student


"I have enjoyed the Russian classes I attend at University of Chester.  This is my fourth attempt to make progress with speaking, reading and writing Russian.  For the first time I have made real progress because of the quality of the tuition and the effectiveness of the teaching methods, It makes a real difference to have a tutor who understands current pronunciation and the culture of the country.  The Russian course is very good value and I plan to progress to the next stage."

Russian Year 1 Student


"Before I started the course I knew a handful of Spanish words and couldn't converse at all in the language.  I was nervous to start as I have memory problems (Health condition) and am not remotely 'academic'.  During the course we were made very welcome by our tutor, she put me at ease and accommodated my health issues in a professional and unobtrusive way.  She makes sure everyone can take part, has an effervescent and likeable personality which is infectious and puts students at ease.  The Pasos language books we use are perfect for our needs, is enjoyable and 
paced well.  After completing the first beginner's course I had no hesitation in signing up for the next part.  Although still in my first year I was confident enough to use Spanish to converse with locals on my trip to Tenerife this year.  The highlight of this was being told by a Spanish speaking person that I spoke the language."
Spanish  Year 1 Student


"I found the course fun with a great tutor.  I learned much and feel more confident speaking Welsh.  It was 16 weeks well spent."

Welsh Year 1 Student