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Jessica Allerton

Dad just sat and cried.  He cried for three whole days.  His face was blotchy and his eyes were red. Then one day he just stopped …
        It was like the realisation had hit him suddenly and now everything had lost meaning. From that day on there wasn’t a single tear, smile, laugh or frown. He gave up showing how he felt, because to him the world had lost all reason and meaning of life.
        I did try to bring his spirits up, but my attempts were hopeless. He barely hugged back, or spoke of anything emotional. Would not even utter the words ‘I love you’, when they used to be the first thing he said upon entering and leaving the house. Now he just didn’t leave home unless it was absolutely necessary. He no longer volunteered at the animal shelter, he gave up meeting with his friends and even stopped returning calls. Work was the only thing he kept up, but even that was a difficult task for him. It took a long time for me to accept this was how things were going to be. After all, a part of me still expected her to walk through the front door one day, and I was always known for being optimistic. But when I noticed things were settling into routine, I dropped my attempts to lighten the mood and joined Dad in his dull state. I was a mummy’s girl after all.