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With so many universities to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect fit for you. Each institution will give you a different experience and you'll leave with a wildly different set of memories. 

Chester has a lot of quirks and qualities that make it pretty unique!  We've compiled the top 10 things only a University of Chester student would understand to show you some of the things you can expect if you choose to study a degree with us.

1. You’ll never be more than a 5 minute walk away from a bar, friends or your lectures! Popping to your friend’s house when you live on the same street, visiting one of the libraries at our University campuses spread around the city, or paying a visit to one of the various bars, shops and cultural hubs in the city centre. There is so much to see and do in Chester, is it any wonder it was voted the 5th best place to live in Britain?

2. When someone asks for directions, you always start with “You know where the big clock is?” Not only is Chester city nice and compact, it also boasts one of the most architecturally diverse city centres in the UK. Surrounded by Roman Walls, world famous double-decker shops built on The Rows, and the second most photographed timepiece in the United Kingdom: the Eastgate Clock, you can easily spend days exploring the city and keep finding something new with each turn you take.

3. Getting a selfie while riding on Janya, the bronze elephant! Whether you’re on a night out, during graduation or just because you saw the opportunity when passing through town in the middle of the day! Chester is home to the world-class Chester Zoo, and in 2010 they donated a large bronze elephant calf sculpture to the city. Now affectionately named Janya, meaning ‘life’, the sculpture stands proudly in the city centre, reminding everyone who visits of the hard work that Chester Zoo undertakes in the field of wildlife conservation and ecology. 

4. The gamble of walking past Go Fresco, hoping for the love of cheesy chips that Blue Lagoon is open! These two late night take-aways make up the fabric of a good night out with friends in Chester. Talking of nights out, the city is full of independent bars and restaurants - from the hidden away live music and jazz bar Alexander’s Live to the award winning The Chef’s Table restaurant - that are worlds apart from the bigger city chains. You’ll always find something new to enjoy with your friends.

5. Garden Lane Café, the morning after the night before. Waking up the morning after a night out is made a touch easier with a trip to the Garden Lane Café for a full English breakfast, cup of tea and a catch up with everyone else who has piled into the café that morning! If a full English doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about a belly busting great American Breakfast on the river from Hickory’s Smoke House or some pancakes at Hanky Panky Pancakes, who offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options as well.

6. The laundry bag is full and the wardrobe is empty! But it’s ok, because you’ve picked up 15 new free t-shirts and hoodies at the Freshers’ Fair! Your Induction Week, more commonly known as ‘Freshers’ Week’, is jam packed full of activities to get involved with before your lectures start the week after. Some of them are designed for you to get familiar with the city, the University and your new home away from home. Others are designed for you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself - Freshers’ Fair is one of those events. With more freebies than you can carry being given out, seemingly endless slices of free pizza, stacks of Pot Noodles, and gift vouchers for bars and restaurants in town to be collected, the Freshers’ Fair is something you don’t want to miss!

7. Having no more excuses and finally signing up to the Uni gym because it offers free personal training sessions. Many of us are guilty of joining a gym and then never going. The difference with our gym is there are no contracts or cancellation charges. We even have various levels of membership to suit each wallet! Joining for the academic year (41 weeks) will cost you £140 or you can pay £28 per month to spread the cost. Alternatively, if you join one of the many sports teams at the University of Chester you can get an academic year (41 week) membership for £100! You can even pay as you go for only £3 every time you visit. If you do join, make use of the free PT sessions and classes. They are all added value to your membership!

8. Wishing you’d taken better advantage of Personal Development Week. Home comforts, having someone to do your washing and a fridge full of proper food that you’ve not had to write your name on can be a very enticing reason to head home during Personal Development Week. But there is a whole schedule of activities arranged on campus that are worth sticking around for. In term 1 and 2, the University arranges a week of activities designed to improve students’ academic and employment skills. Students are given the chance to gain their European Computer Driving Licence qualification, get career planning and preparation advice, pick up help with assignment writing and planning for assessment. You can even undertake workshops such as team work, time management and presentation skills training. All useful for when you are looking for that first graduate level job.

9. Bazzalads! A drink that you will never have heard of until you set foot in the Students’ Union bar for the first time. Originally a cocktail made up of a shot of vodka and Sourz Cherry over ice and topped up with lemonade, its origins date back to 2006 when it was a drink only enjoyed by the bar staff of the SU. It soon found its way on to the drinks menu and there is now a wide selection of flavours. There is even a non-alcoholic version available on the bar’s mocktails menu to help you drink responsibly and still enjoy yourself. 

10. Getting a chill down your spine at graduation when our Vice-Chancellor says his classic line: “You will always be a part of the University of Chester and the University of Chester will always be a part of you.” The memories you will make at Chester will be with you forever. You’ll make friends for life and leave with much more than a degree and some fancy photos of you in a robe! You’ll also be gaining a University that will always welcome you back with open arms, and a city that you can call your home whenever you decide to return. Or maybe you’ll stay?

So, what’s your Chester Story going to be




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