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University is often a very daunting idea and the thought of moving away from home can be scary – and understandably so. Once you’ve made the move, however, university can be the best experience and you’ll wonder why the thought of it ever terrified you.

Choosing the right university is a difficult decision, and one that should not be taken lightly, having to consider things like where you want to live, which universities offer the course you want to do, whether their entry requirements are achievable for you, and much more. Personally, it was one of the most stressful decisions I ever had to make, but ultimately, the best one I did make since I made it to the University of Chester.

There are many reasons to study at Chester, but I have somehow whittled them down to five key reasons.  Hopefully, these will provide some more information that is helpful in the decision-making process.

flower cup.jpg

Yummy Food at The Flower Cup

  1. The University of Chester and the city of Chester itself.  Chester has everything that a city provides, but everything is so close-by. The city centre is only a 15-minute walk from Parkgate Road Campus and offers everything you could want: plenty of clothes shops - a lot of which offer student discounts to save some money on your favourite items, cafes – like The Flower Cup which offers great food, Escape Rooms, Grosvenor Park, and the River Dee – which is lovely to walk along, especially in summer. As everything is a short walk away, it’s a great place to explore on foot and enjoy the sights – there are some very pretty places to visit, so you won’t be disappointed. That’s only a brief introduction as to what Chester has to offer, so be sure to take a trip yourself and find some other interesting areas. A few more are mentioned on the Chester Life section of the website. 
  1. The support that is available to students - both during their time here, and for a few years afterwards. There is always someone you can talk to for any queries, questions, or worries students might have, and if you don’t know who to go to, there are plenty of friendly faces around (both staff and students) that can point you in the right direction. We have a host of great resources from places around the campuses, such as Enhancing Your Employability sessions through the Careers and Employability team, whose support is also available once you graduate; school and peer mentoring schemes, allowing current students to help new students find their feet here; and study skills seminars to improve things, such as essay writing and presentation skills. Also, lecturers are always happy to help when they can, so there is always someone there for you.
  1. The range of accommodation available. Of course, universities usually provide accommodation to their students, so this is not something that is unique to the University of Chester. However, the range of accommodation available here is an advantage. If you’re on a strict budget, or like your own space, or maybe like the idea of living with a larger group of students, there is accommodation suited to you, and the university do take your needs into account when you apply. There are plenty of opportunities to visit the University where you can see the accommodation for yourself. Accommodation for students at most campuses is based on the Parkgate Road campus, or nearby, so is very easy to get into town whenever you might need to and to find your way back again after a day or night out.
  1. The activities available. With over 130 different sports and societies, there is likely to be something to interest you. Whether you love to play football or tennis or want to try a new sport like underwater hockey, there is something for you. If sport isn’t your thing, there are societies like swing dance, wine, and ethical hackers. Although, if you have an interest in something that doesn’t feature on the list, and think it would be a good addition for students, it is possible to set one up yourself during your time here.
  1. The welcoming environment. When applying to university, the main aspect I worried about, as a lot of people do, was meeting new people and trying to make friends. However, when I arrived at the University and began my degree here in Chester, my worries soon went away because of how welcoming the environment was. Current students volunteered during Welcome Week to give their advice, staff welcomed everyone to the course, and as everyone is in the same position, there is no shortage of people to meet with and talk to!

chester town.jpg

Everything is within walking distance, with lovely views.
Although Chester isn’t a small place, it feels like a close community, so you always manage to see someone you know as you walk through campus. Such a welcoming community brings so many people together, giving you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, all different ages, from so many different places, all of which can only enhance your experience here.

Overall, the University of Chester is very responsive to students and very aware of how to make all students’ time here the best that it can be. There is so much to do and get involved with, you’ll never be bored. It feels big, especially in comparison to a school, but with such a short walk to get anywhere in Chester, it never feels overwhelming. There is definitely something for everyone here and Chester begins to feel like a home away from home very quickly. 

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