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Moving to a new country for University can be challenging. That's why at the University of Chester we make it our priority to help you settle in and feel at home! From our Welcome Week events or our diverse range of sports and society groups, we want you to feel like Chester is a home away from home.

In preparation for the Autumn 2023 intake, we asked current international student Cameron (USA) to share his top 5 reasons to join a sport or society group as a new international student at the University of Chester. Keep reading to see what he said:

1. Friendship

Joining a sport or society is a fantastic way to make friends from different backgrounds and cultures. You'll build strong bonds and create lifelong connections.

2. Integration

As an international student, being part of a sport or society really helps you integrate into the local community and feel a sense of belonging. It's a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and customs.

3. Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Being part of a group is not only fun but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive mental wellbeing. They can help you keep active, boosts your energy levels, and help reduce the stress of your studies.

4. Skill Development

Joining a group allows you to enhance your abilities and learn a diverse range of new skills. You'll improve your teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, which are valuable in all aspects of life.

5. Cultural Exchange

Sports and societies provide a platform for cultural exchange, where you can share your own traditions and learn about others. It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity and foster mutual understanding.

Don't hesitate to join a sports or society group upon your arrival and embrace the incredible benefits it offers!

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