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1. Make the most of LinkedIn learning 

Whilst you are a student you are able to access FREE online courses to help boost your CV! These courses usually retail for around £20-£30 each. They have thousands of courses suiting all degree types! Once completing a course you will gain a certificate. Posting about this and attaching your certificate looks great for your profile.

2. Connect with the right people 

Don’t just connect with anyone and everyone. Connect with people within or around your industry, people who have your dream job and also with people who work at a company you aspire to work with. 

Connecting with people with common interests will provide you with a home page full of news and updates about your industry, which will be of much more interest to you. Interact with these people so they remember you! Comment on their posts and like their recent status.

3. The basics 

Give your LinkedIn account some colour. Choose a fitting profile picture, something not too casual. For me (someone in the fashion industry), I use images of myself working on shoots. Add a background image - this can be anything. I would try and link this to your industry if possible. Give yourself a bio, an overview on what you're currently studying and what you're aiming to get into after university.

4. Share, share, share

Share images and posts featuring your recent work. This could be your grades for modules, images of items you're working on, internships or volunteer work you’re a part of. Re-share work and articles you love or agree with. Any industry talks or events you attend - talk about it!

5. Show off your work experience 

Make sure you add your work experience to the experience section of your page. This can be short / long internships, volunteer work, part time jobs. Another tip is to give some points of what skills you gained from the role. Even if it's a part-time hospitality role, share your new skills for customer service, teamwork, problem solving - make each role sound like you’ve learned lots!

To find out more top tips from current students at the University of Chester, chat to our students online today. 

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