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The accommodation application window officially opened on Tuesday 3rd of April 2018 and will close on Friday 22nd of June 2018. Remember that applications are not taken on a first-come, first-served basis, you just need to apply within the time frame.

If you choose Chester as your Firm or Insurance choice, you will receive information through the post about our online application process. As soon as you’ve received this, you can then start to apply. 

We have tried to make the process as easy as possible, and have taken the opportunity to answer some of the most common accommodation questions.

  1. How do I pick my accommodation?

At Chester you won’t have to pick a specific hall of residence, but instead will have a choice of board types to choose from. These include our Full BoardSemi-Catered and Self-Catered halls, as well as en-suite and shared facilities. We also offer partnership accommodation to anyone studying at one of our Chester campuses. You will need to select all seven options in order of preference to submit your application.

  1. What’s included in the different board types?

All our residencies include bills and complimentary WiFi. If you’re in full board accommodation, you’ll get three meals a day, seven days a week during term times and our semi-catered residents will get lunch and an evening meal on Mondays – Fridays during term time.

  1. What are the contract lengths?

All University-owned semi-catered and self-catered options are 41 weeks and our full board accommodation contracts are 35 weeks. Full board residents will need to vacate their rooms over the Christmas and Easter break and move back into their room after the holiday. Contract lengths are useful to know when working out how much each term’s rent will be and when figuring out what accommodation represents best value for money to you.

  1. How do I apply?

When you’re ready to begin your application, you should log in to PASS, our Pre-Arrival Student Site. Your username for PASS is your student number. Your student number can be found on the letter we’ll be sending out to you in the post. Your password is your date of birth in the format: CheYYYYMMDD. So, if your date of birth is 01/02/1995, your password would be Che19950201.

You’ll then be able to apply for your accommodation and put your preferred board types in order of preference. We recommend you spend some time looking at the accommodation options we have on offer before submitting your application. Think about your budget, and try to work out what residency represents the best value for money for you and your circumstances.

  1. What happens after my application is sent in?

For anyone holding a conditional offer, once you’ve submitted your application, we will email you after the closing date to confirm that a room has been reserved for you.

Once your academic results are known, and your place at the University has been confirmed, we will then advise you of the actual room you have been allocated. For the majority of students, this will be after A Level Results Day on 16th August 2018.

For students that are holding an unconditional Firm offer, we will inform you of the actual room you have been allocated after the application deadline has passed. 

For those students that have placed the University of Chester as their Insurance Choice, we do advise that you apply for accommodation during the application window. Please note that those who have selected Chester as their first choice will have priority during the allocation process.

For us, no deposit is required at the application stage, and if you get the grades required for your firm choice university, we will not send an offer of accommodation to you.

In order to secure your accommodation at the University of Chester, you will need to agree to the contractual terms and conditions online within three working days of receiving it and make arrangements to pay a deposit of £250. Please note that if you are allocated one of our partnership properties the deposit amount may differ.

  1. How is the rent paid?

We take three instalments from you to cover the rent, one at the start of each term. So if your room is £136.60 per week, and the term is ten weeks, we’ll take £1,366.00 in the first week of term to cover the rent.

Your final term’s rent will factor in your deposit and we will leave this in your account rather than refunding the amount. Therefore if your final term's rent worked out at £1,000, we’d take the £250 deposit off this amount leaving £750 to pay at the start of the term. Should there be any damage to your room, we will send you an invoice.

  1. What if I miss the application deadline?

If you miss your application deadline you are still able to apply; however, your application will not be given the same priority as those that applied within the time frame. In addition, we will be unable to confirm your room until all other allocations have been placed. Likewise, applicants applying for accommodation through Clearing will be allocated a room in University or Partnership accommodation, subject to availability. 

  1. Who can I talk to about my application?

You can contact our Chester and Warrington Residential Living offices on the details below:

01244 513000

01925 534220

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