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There is so much to do in Chester and the surrounding areas but here is an example of what I would do for a day especially if I did not know the city too well yet. The city is scattered with Roman remains a few of which I have included on this day in Chester.

First, I would start by going to the historic Chester Cathedral as it is a great place to walk around. As well as the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows, there are plaques to read about the history of the cathedral. Furthermore, they house an ever-changing variety of exhibitions, at the time of writing this they have the ‘Extinction is Forever’ event which exhibits sculptures made from recycled materials and information about the extinction of animals. There is also the ‘Gaia’ event which is a six-metre-in diameter large globe created from a NASA image of the Earth's surface. There is also a permanent exhibition of a model of the cathedral made out of Lego. Plus entry is free with donations optional.

After this, I would recommend going to the new Chester Market where they have a variety of food options from around the world which would accommodate any dietary need and at a range of prices whether you fancy a coffee and cake or something more filling. So if you're looking for pizza or pasta, Thai or seafood, vegetarian or meat eater there is something for everyone and with the communal eating areas for all the stalls everyone can get exactly what they want and sit together. In the Market, there is also a miniature model of Chester made of Lego.

After this, I would recommend walking through the city and taking in the historic Chester Rows which are the two-tiered rows of shops. There is a huge range of shops including brands and boutiques with something for everyone and every style. While on this walk if you look up you will see the Eastgate Clock which is a bridge from one part of the Roman Chester walls, which encapsulate the city, to another.

Then, I would make my way towards the site of the old Roman Amphitheatre where there are plaques to read about its history, a model of how it used to look and of course, the remains of the amphitheatre. This amphitheatre was the largest in Britain built in the late first century which was once used for entertainment and military training.

Next to the coliseum is the Roman Gardens which have more Roman remains including the remains of a bathhouse. These gardens lead down to the River Dee which has beautiful views and benches where I would recommend you sit with a gorgeous Cheshire farm ice cream.

If you want to know more about life in Chester you can chat with a student and ask any questions you may have. 

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