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Why did you choose to study your course?

I was initially drawn to the field of psychology due to a deeply personal experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) during my time in the army. This diagnosis sparked a strong desire to understand not only the mechanisms behind my own thoughts and behaviours but also the complexities of the human mind in general. The intricate workings of the brain and its influence on our perception of the world fascinated me. As I delved deeper into my studies, I discovered a particular interest in organisational psychology, recognising the significant impact of psychological factors on individual and group dynamics within the workplace. Ultimately, my journey towards studying psychology stemmed from a combination of wanting to figure myself out, a profound fascination with the intricacies of the brain, and a strong aspiration to contribute to the field of organizational psychology.

How did you find the course?

My first year studying Psychology was wonderful as it provided a solid foundation of knowledge and introduced me to a diverse range of topics within the field. I learned about the fundamental theories and concepts of psychology, including cognitive processes, developmental psychology, and social psychology. One of the highlights of my first year was being part of Students as Partners (SaP) programme. Through this programme, I had the opportunity to actively engage in discussions with Psychology lecturers, offering valuable feedback and insights on the teaching and learning process, as well as the overall student experience. This collaborative approach proved to be immensely rewarding, as our contributions played a key role in the successful re-accreditation by the British Psychological Society (BPS). The SaP group, including myself, received a commendation for our efforts in creating a strong sense of community, fostering collaboration, and supporting the employability of students within the department.

How did the staff on your course support you?

The staff on my Psychology course have been incredibly supportive throughout my academic journey, especially through my connections from the Students as Partners programme and social nights. Whether it was discussing future career paths or providing resources to enhance my learning, my Personal Academic Tutor played a pivotal role in ensuring that I felt supported and motivated throughout my course.

Did you receive any support from the University’s support teams?

I have used student counselling and careers and employability. The counselling services provided a safe and confidential space for me to discuss personal challenges and seek guidance from trained professionals for free. Additionally, the University's careers services were instrumental in providing guidance and resources for career planning, job search strategies, and interview preparation.

What clubs, societies or other activities beyond your course did you take part in?

There are so many opportunities to take part in at the University. I’ve taken part in the Chester Difference Award, been an International and Neurodivergent Representative for Chester Students' Union, Active Campus Ambassador for UoC Athletics Union, Treasurer for the International Society, Peer Mentor for Volunteering Team, and joined the Rounders and Softball teams.

I also helped to plan and execute the TEDxUoChester conference and set up the first Undergraduate Research Conference at the University. I worked in partnership with the RIO team to plan, organise the logistics of the event and promote it across the University community. I had a pivotal role in engaging students in this event and developing the event to meet the needs of students by utilising social science research methods (e.g. interviews and questionnaires) to research the different experiences of establishing and attending the conference.

Finally, I managed to win the Venture Pitch Award and 250 pounds scholarship from Santander along with the Best Leader Award. I took part in the Venture Adventure – a 10 day trip in Thailand that provided a fantastic opportunity to develop my business skills and entrepreneurial thinking. The Venture Adventure experience was an incredible journey, filled with learning, networking, and growth. It provided a platform for me to showcase my entrepreneurial spirit, connect with industry experts, and receive valuable feedback on my business model. The competition challenged me to refine my pitch, articulate my vision creatively, and demonstrate my leadership qualities.

Do you have a specific career path in mind?

I plan on being an organisational psychologist. I want to use psychological principles to enhance workplace dynamics and improve organizational effectiveness since seeing the poor work environment I faced while serving in the Army in Singapore.

How has your course helped you with your career goals?

Psychology gives me a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour, cognition, and social dynamics that can help me to analyse and address complex psychological issues in the workplace.

What opportunities have there been to help you reach your career goals?

I’ve been able to get a research assistant job which has allowed me to gain first-hand experience in research methodology, data collection, and analysis. It has also enhanced my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

For information about the course, visit the BSc (Hons) Psychology course page.

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