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Dr Eileen Pollard, author of Origin and Ellipsis in the Writing of Hilary Mantel.

Dr Eileen Pollard is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature – and Programme Leader of the MRes in Storytelling. She was appointed as a Lecturer in English at the University of Chester in 2015, before that she worked as an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Hilary Mantel is one of the most popular and lauded novelists working today and is the first British writer to win the Booker Prize on two separate occasions – for Wolf Hall in 2009 and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies in 2012. The third volume of the trilogy, The Mirror and The Light, is now expected to be published in March 2020.

Dr Eileen Pollard was awarded her PhD on the writing of Hilary Mantel in 2013. Her new publication Origin and Ellipsis in the Writing of Hilary Mantel, published by Routledge, is the first monograph on her work to date, and is based upon the research underpinning Dr Pollard’s PhD thesis. In Origin and Ellipsis in the Writing of Hilary Mantel, Dr Pollard provokes a re-engagement with the philosopher Jacques Derrida’s thinking in contemporary literature, with particular emphasis on his preoccupation with the process of writing. Jacques Derrida is considered to be one of the most well-known 20th-century philosophers. Dr Pollard’s publication is the first book-length study of Mantel’s writing, not just in terms of Derrida’s thought, but through any critical perspective or lens to date.

Together with Dr Ginette Carpenter, Senior Lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Pollard also co-edited the first academic book of essays about Hilary Mantel, called Hilary Mantel: Contemporary Critical Perspectives. Published by Bloomsbury, the book is a critical guide to Mantel's work, from her earliest novels through to her recent Thomas Cromwell fictions, including analysis of her short story collections and memoir.

Dr Pollard said: “Reading the complexities and ambiguities of Mantel’s writing alongside the thinking of a brilliant philosopher such as Derrida has hugely increased my understanding of the more quirky workings of both great literature and great philosophy.”

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