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Students who have performed better than expected or wish to change their choice of University can use the Clearing process to change to a different option. Those who have not achieved the grades they anticipated can use Clearing to explore their options and those who have decided to attend university this year but didn’t apply before the June 30 deadline can also see which places are available. 

Ric Bengree, Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions at the University of Chester, said: “We know that waiting for results day can be an anxious time. Being prepared as much as possible can be a big help in making sure you make the most of the opportunities available.” 

Here are some tips for results day: 

  • Make sure you’re free 

“It’s best to hold off on any plans with friends and family to ensure that you’re available on results day. UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) won’t be able to speak to anyone other than yourself about your application details (unless you give someone nominated access to speak on your behalf). If you decide to apply to another university through Clearing, they’ll also want to speak to you directly.” 

  • No decision just yet? 

“If it gets to around mid-morning and there doesn’t appear to be a decision in the UCAS Hub, don’t panic. At this point it is best to call the university directly to check your status.” 

  • You’ve got your grades. 

“If you get the grades you need to meet your Firm offer then there are only three things you need to do. Wait for the UCAS Hub to update over the course of the day, read the confirmation email from your university, and, of course, go and celebrate!” 

  • You’ve done better than expected 

“If your grades end up being better than expected and you exceed your offer (well done you), you may want to enquire about other courses with higher entry requirements at alternative universities. If you’d like to do this you need to self-release with UCAS which will enter you into Clearing where you can apply for a different university or course.” 

  • Your results aren’t what you were hoping for 

“If you don’t quite get the grades you need for your university choices, they may still accept you, so don’t lose hope straight away. 

“Alternatively, they may offer you a place on a different course. This may be a course with slightly lower entry grades within a similar subject area, or a Foundation Year course. Foundation Years are for those who don’t have the necessary academic qualifications to enter directly onto an undergraduate course, but who display the ability and commitment required. When you successfully complete your Foundation Year, you will be able to progress onto the next year of your extended course. 

“If neither of those options are available, then it’s time to look at which universities still have courses that you’re interested in via Clearing. And don’t see this as a bad thing – Clearing is merely another way of applying for a place at university and there will be lots of great universities with places available. So, do some research, weigh up your options and pick up the phone.” 

He added: “Whatever happens on results day, make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. There are always lots of fantastic options available to you. Good luck on results day!” 

The University of Chester has continued its rise in the Complete University Guide ranking for the third year, now placing it in the top four for the North West and in the top half nationally. Applicants can register here early to receive the latest information, advice and guidance on applying to the University of Chester; University Centre Warrington; University Centre Shrewsbury or University Centre Birkenhead or they can phone from results day onwards on 01244 455899. 

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