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Hello everyone!

I’m Amy and I am the Development and Alumni Relations Assistant. I recently had the pleasure of looking though our archive and wanted to share some of the artefacts I have found with you.

I would like to tell you about some of the artefacts from Chapel – it seems fitting as the DARO will be hosting the Chapel Memories event at the end of the month. This event will bring alumni, current and retired staff and current students together to share their memories of Chapel, contributing to a student dissertation project in the faculty of Science and Engineering – a cutting-edge virtual reality project!

The Bread Slicer

This item was donated to the DARO by Chaplaincy, and is thought to have been used to cut the Communion bread into even thicknesses – it even comes with instructions on the back!

breadslicer2  breadslicer

We really like the ornate details of the wood, and think it’s such a clever design.

Hymn Cards and Boards


Also donated to us by Chaplaincy, these boards would have been hung at the front of Chapel with the hymn cards displayed on them. This would show the congregation which hymns they were going to sing.

Our Alumni archive is full of your donations and we are so grateful to anyone who has donated any artefacts. If you have anything you would like to share with us from your time at the University, please feel free to get in touch with us

Chapel Memories is being held on campus 3-5pm on Wednesday 22 January. For more details, get in touch via the email address above or on 01244 511772.

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