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Annie Evans, Postgraduate Student

Annie completed her BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree with us before moving on to study our MA Sociology of Sport and Exercise, where she qualified for reduced course fees through our Graduate Loyalty Discount.

Why did you choose to study MA Sociology of Sport and Exercise with us?

I enjoyed studying for my undergraduate degree at University of Chester since the university and lecturers were so welcoming. Focusing on the course lecturers, I loved how they were all so friendly, especially the ones I was going to do my postgraduate degree with. I also appreciated their effort to get to know me on a one-to-one basis and the support given throughout my degree that I felt I would not have gotten at another university and knew this would be reflected at postgraduate level too.

I wanted to further my knowledge in the field of sport and exercise and especially from a sociological perspective. Throughout my undergraduate degree I became more interested in sociology and its application to sport and am keen to proceed to expand my knowledge and hopefully follow a career path in this field.

How do you fund your postgraduate study?

To fund my postgraduate study, I took out a student loan. 

As I studied my undergraduate degree at Chester, I also received the Graduate Loyalty Discount which enabled me to do the postgraduate degree, as without this I would not be able to have the funds for the degree.

How are you enjoying your postgraduate study?

To present I cannot fault the course at all, everything we have learnt which includes a variety of sport-related topics such as; sociological theories, issues in contemporary sport, the emergence of modern sport, health and exercise have been very interesting, and especially regarding assessments where we were able to pick the topic area within the module, we wanted to be assessed in. This freedom has also allowed me to explore areas that I would not have necessarily explored and in relation to the research method module, this was delivered with practical aspects which helped me understand the complexity of some of the methods which were useful in deciding the route I wanted to take with my dissertation.

How well supported are you as a postgraduate student?

The staff have been so helpful throughout my course and are always quick in replying to emails and will always be open to and available in booking tutorials to discuss upcoming assignments. They go above and beyond in lectures with content exploring wider areas not just associated to sport sometimes and before moving on to the next area they make sure we have understood that section and get us involved asking for our opinions on the topic or views. My PAT has also been very helpful throughout the course and has helped with any issues I have had.

I also receive support from the disability team and study skills.

How do you organise your postgraduate study alongside your friends and family, work and other existing commitments?

I have organised time with my friends and family around my study and assignments due, making sure I have a well-balanced social life and university life.


If you'd like to find out more about our MA Sociology of Sport and Exercise take a look at our course page. You can also visit us to find out all about postgraduate study, we're holding a number of Open Days in June.

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