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15th January marked the UCAS deadline for 2020 applications to universities and colleges. If you’re still undecided about your course choices or where exactly you want to study, don’t worry, there is still time to apply!

University of Chester is ready to support prospective students through the process following the deadline. Although, the ‘equal consideration’ deadline ensured that applicants will be guaranteed for consideration towards their choices, students who have not yet applied for whatever reason, can still be considered if the university or college has places available.

Don't rush your decision.

We understand the importance of decision making at this stage and the time and thought involved, as after all, this choice will guide at least the next three years of your life and possibly the path you take following university. Therefore, we would recommend you take the time to learn more about all courses available to you via our our individual course pages  and the UCAS website before compiling an evidence-based personal statement which will inform your capabilities for your chosen course. The University of Chester offers a range of courses from Policing to Media Studies, Performing Arts to Sport, Business to Psychology and many more, so make sure you take a look at all the courses we have available before making your final decision.

Ask us any questions.

To assist prospective students at this crucial time we have staff on hand waiting to answer any questions you may have which may be delaying your decision or preventing you from making an application. If you are unclear about the late application process or unsure of the next steps of applying, get in touch to enquire about course availability.

The next deadline for late applications is Tuesday 30th June at 18:00 (UK time), with any applications received after this date entered into the Clearing process, which is used to fill any remaining course vacancies across all universities and colleges and runs up until the deadline of Tuesday 20th October at 18:00 (UK time).

Make sure you're happy with your personal statement.

Looking ahead, it may seem like you have all the time in the world to apply before the late deadline, although remaining course places won’t hang around forever, now is the time to build up a strong personal statement with recent references and apply as soon as you can through UCAS to hold the best possible opportunity of securing your place. For further guidance on assembling a tip-top personal statement, don’t forget to read our top tips on writing your personal statement (like a pro)!

If you wish to apply for a course at the University of Chester, feel free to contact our Admissions team.

E: T: 01244 511000

If you are still unsure whether the University of Chester is right for you, then why not come and visit us. 

E: T: 01244 512800

Good Luck!


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