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At the University of Chester, we want to make sure you have access to the resources you need to support your learning. That's why we're offering eligible students free textbooks and a £100 award to help get you started with your degree.

Aspire Book Scheme

We know textbooks can be really expensive and want to help our undergraduate students by giving them essential textbooks for their course. Students who qualify for the Chester Aspire Books Scheme will receive a pack of complimentary books relevant to their course, as chosen by the course leaders, during the first week of term. The books are yours to keep unless you change or transfer course. If you do transfer course then the books will need to be returned, before you are issued with the books for your new course.  

Why are the books free?

Your fees for the course cover the payment for these core books, and the University of Chester is committed to ensuring value for money and that Year 1 students have access when they begin their studies to tools for learning and success.

Ollie, a current student at the University, shares how the Aspire Books Scheme helped him in his first week.

“I remember the relief I felt when finding out Aspire offered free books to new students at the start of the year. I hadn’t heard much about what the deal with textbooks would be and online there were jokes about textbooks being cripplingly expensive so I was quite anxious to what the cost would be. So when in Fresher’s Fair we were told we’d be given books specific to our course the feeling was pretty great. Aspire has definitely helped me.”

Who is eligible?

The Aspire Book Scheme is available to new full time Level 4 undergraduate students who commence an undergraduate degree in September or later, and pay fee levels set for new students for the current year, or are moving from a Foundation Year.

£100 Award

The £100 Award is another way that we can help you access learning resources and can be spent on society memberships, textbooks, laptops, gym memberships, photography, stationery, Apple Products, art supplies and so much more. For example, if you'll be undertaking a hospital placement as part of your degree you can buy medical equipment and clothing, or if you're studying an art and design subject you could buy paints, easels and sewing equipment. You can even buy a bike if you wanted to start cycling when you joined the University and you don’t even need to pay the money back!

Elliott, a Physics student at the University used the £100 Award to help buy essential textbooks and stationary for his course and credits the scheme for helping him do so well in his first year.   

“With my £100 bursary I purchased a book on quantum physics that has helped a lot with my physics coursework, and studies. I also purchased a mechanical pencil that is still going strong right now. Finally, I purchased some folder separators and pencil pots to allow a more organised work environment making it easier to study and get work done. All in all the scheme has done a lot for me and has allowed me to do as well as I have this year.”

You can browse student essentials online at

Who is eligible?

The £100 Award is available to new full-time Level 4 home undergraduate students paying a tuition fee of over £6,000 and to continuing students at Level 4 whose programme has included a Foundation Year who have a means tested income of less than £25,000. 

To find out more about how you could benefit from Chester Aspire Scheme, go to, or get in touch

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