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Supporting students with their next step is a privileged job. However, it is also one which requires knowledge, empathy, and resilience. As results day gets closer, our Top Tips can help you to support your students through the Clearing process.

1. Proactively prepare students

Giving students information about the Clearing process ahead of time can be useful so that they do not have to deal with this along with receiving their results and not pursuing their intended plan. This will ensure they have all of their documentation ready and will hopefully feel less daunted if they enter into the process.

2. Manage disappointment

As we are all aware, things not going to plan can be overwhelming for students, so it is important that they know that there are other options available, and given time to process these in order to make a great decision for them. This might be to retake qualifications, pursue a different route, or a different subject altogether. Universities are available to help you support your students with information, advice and guidance, so please get in touch.

3. Course vs. University

Some students may be set on a particular university and therefore want to choose any course at that institution. Likewise, others may choose to pursue their chosen qualification at any institution they are able to get a place. Clearing can be a very useful process for some students to allow them to access Higher Education, and many successfully use this route. However, it is important for students to consider what is most important for them in order to make an informed choice. Research is key to ensure students settle on a choice which makes them happy.

4. Prepare for calls

Students should be prepared to make the calls to universities themselves, and should feel confident that they know what might be asked of them: interview, audition, speak to an academic etc. Some students are not confident in this area, but if they are aware ahead of time, this could help them.

5. Take time

Clearing can feel like a race against time. However, universities understand that this is an enormous decision for students and can be a great upheaval for some. Therefore, encourage your students to use the time that they have to attend the university and ask whatever question they have.

Further Information

The University of Chester Clearing Hub has comprehensive information about our clearing vacanices, campus tours, accomodation and much more.

Our Guide to Clearing for Teachers and Advisors gives a comprensive overview of the process and is available to download here

You may also wish to use the UCAS Clearing toolkit, available here.

Clearing resources for students can be accessed here

We wish you and your students the best of luck with the process. The Outreach Team here at Chester are also here to help, and if you have any queries, please contact us directly via email

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