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When I came to the University of Chester, I was really scared about whether or not I would be able to find a community for my different interests. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they have a wide range of societies to join, including a variety of different options like photography, Disney, Indian, K-pop and more. In this blog, I would like to talk about my experiences in these societies as an international student to help you get an idea of what to expect!

Islamic Society

The first society that I joined was the Islamic Society. It was really important for me to find a sense of belonging with my faith when I came here and Islamic Society was perfect for that. They had three taster sessions during the first 2 months to help students get a feel of what to expect if they joined the society. In the first event, we all came together to play games and introduce ourselves along with some delicious food. They also had an event at a cafe and more games to let people connect on their common grounds regardless of where they came from. They regularly host Friday prayers and make an active effort to connect Muslims at the University of Chester through different events for Ramadan, Eid and more.

Indian Society

Indian Society was recently started by some amazing students in 2022 and it has been a great opportunity to meet people from India. They had an excellent meet and greet which had lots of amazing snacks from India where everyone got to introduce themselves. They also have game nights regularly where everyone is welcome to bring their friends and they get together at the chaplaincy house to have a fun-filled evening. The most remarkable event hosted this year by the Indian Society has been the Holi event in March.

They brought the beauty of the Holi Festival from India to Chester with all the colours and food that was arranged that day. It was a lovely opportunity to connect with our culture and it really felt like home away from home.

K-pop Society

As someone who loves K-pop music and culture, I was really excited to find a K-pop society at the fair for societies. They had multiple taster sessions all of which were very well thought out and entertaining. The first event was learning famous dance as a group and it was a brilliant day getting to know each other and learning choreographies. They also had other exciting events like Karaoke night and more dance sessions. It is a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and an amazing opportunity to connect with people with the same interests as me.

Overall, being a part of societies in Chester has been a wonderful experience and largely contributes to my university experience as a whole. If you are someone who is already in the university or a prospective student, you should definitely take a look at the wonderful clubs and societies that Chester has to offer and you will find something that sparks your interest!

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