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Biomedical Science Day

Biomedical Science Day is an awareness day organised by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) to inform the public about practices in Biomedical Science and to celebrate a profession which is at the heart of healthcare. Biomedical Science Day is more relevant than ever but this year, celebrations across the country will be different. Stands in foyers and laboratory tours are out – digital celebrations and communications are in! Keep your eye on the hashtag #BiomedicalScienceDay2020 on social media today as pathology labs across the country have planned exciting ways to celebrate. Last year we had great fun decorating labcoats and promoting the profession whilst eating cake! The #AtTheHeartofHealthcare competitions are back for 2020. Do we have any students with hidden talents? Are you a secret artist - why not combine your love for science and art together?! Or how about baking a Biomedical Science-themed cake, you get to eat it after you’ve taken a photo! We’d love to see your entries so be creative!

Biomedical Scientists

Biomedical Scientists are HCPC-registered healthcare professionals who analyse fluids and tissue samples from patients using manual and high-tech state of the art laboratory equipment, to support the diagnosis and treatment of disease. For example, Biomedical Scientists perform tests to detect diseases such as cancer, diabetes and coronavirus, and carry out tests for emergency blood transfusions. In the UK, 70% of diagnoses are based on pathology results provided by laboratory services and over 150 million samples are processed every year.

Biomedical Scientists and COVID-19

Laboratory testing is vital for the diagnosis, and therefore control of, COVID-19. Lab testing can distinguish between COVID-19 and other acute respiratory infections, meaning that hospital infection prevention and community public health measures rely heavily on the ability of laboratories to provide rapid and reliable results. Manufacturers have had to respond at lightning-speed to develop tests to detect COVID-19 and pathology services have had to rapidly adapt their policies and working practice to meet the current and ever-increasing demands. Scaling up pathology testing for COVID-19 has been a big challenge, but one which the Biomedical Science workforce has risen to. It is saddening to read comments on social media from Biomedical Scientists saying that they are the ‘forgotten profession’ in this coronavirus pandemic, so to all the Biomedical Scientists out there, thank you from everyone at Chester Medical School!

Interested to find out more about what happens to COVID-19 samples?  Take a look at the 'COVID-19: behind every test animation’ produced by the IBMS.

Biomedical Science at Chester Medical School

Chester Medical School offers a portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the biomedical and life sciences, including BSc Biomedical Science and MSc Biomedical Science.  Both courses are accredited by the IBMS, ensuring that they are taught to a high standard and provide wide ranging, research-informed scientific education. The BSc Biomedical Science course covers all of the major disciplines and is designed for those wishing to gain employment as a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS or those wishing to persue research within academia or industry. The MSc Biomedical Science course is ideal for those wanting to develop advanced knowledge and skills in Biomedical Science. The Master's course can be studied full-time or part-time and is designed to facilitate attendance from working Biomedical Scientists.

If you are interested in studying Biomedical Science with us you can find out more about these courses over the next few days at the University of Chester Virtual Open Days:

Postgraduate Virtual Open Day – Thursday 11th June 2020, 12-4pm (TODAY!)

Undergraduate Virtual Open Day – Friday 12th June 2020, 12-4pm

Undergraduate Virtual Open Day – Saturday 13th June 2020, 12-4pm

Dr Michelle Cordingley, Programme Leader for Msc Biomedical Science

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