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Biomedical Science Day is an awareness day organised by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) to inform the public about practices in biomedical science and to celebrate a profession that is ‘at the heart of healthcare’. Biomedical Scientists are essential members of the modern healthcare team and, in collaboration with doctors and other medical professionals, aid in the diagnosis of disease, evaluate effectiveness of treatments, and research into causes and cures of diseases.

If you are interested in a career as a Biomedical Scientist our MSc Biomedical Science course, delivered by Chester Medical School, is an IBMS accredited programme that allows individuals to develop an advanced scientific knowledge of Biomedical Science.

Top 5 reasons to study MSc Biomedical Science at Chester: 

  1. Established, Flexible Course
    • Taught in intensive three-day blocks, our MSc is suitable for those already in employment wanting to achieve more senior roles, those looking to enter the profession or those with a general interest in scientific research.
  2. 100% Coursework Assignments
    • Our coursework-based approach to assessments allows individuals to develop a high level of scientific knowledge in their chosen topics within Biomedical Science and to tailor the programme to their interests.
  3. Delivered by Academic and Professional Staff
    • Research-active academic staff from the University of Chester provide a supportive learning environment. Guest lecturers from various local hospitals also contribute to the delivery of the course, offering an opportunity for students to interact with professionals and establish important connections for future employment.
  4. Research
    • Exciting opportunities to get involved in research within Chester Medical School, where you can take advantage of our excellent research facilities at Bache Hall.
  5. IBMS Accreditation Module
    • We offer an optional, non-credit bearing module to students not already accredited by the IBMS. This allows students without an accredited undergraduate degree to apply for an assessment of their degree and to top-up the missing components as identified by the IBMS in a cost-effective manner.

To find out more about studying MSc Biomedical Science at Chester Medical School, please contact the programme leader, Dr Michelle Cordingley by email (  

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