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Curtis Jobling at the Warrington Campus

The designer of the worldwide hit children’s television show Bob the Builder, Curtis Jobling, drew a large audience of students and staff. His own animated series Frankenstein’s Cat and Raa Raa the Noisy Lion can be seen on the BBC. He is also the author/illustrator of numerous children’s books including a series of fantasy novels called Wereworld.

The talk was open to all students and staff. Those studying and teaching advertising, radio, TV, photography, film, and media attended.

Curtis, who lives in Warrington himself, spoke to students about his career and how he got to where he is now. He spoke about working in the creative industry and reminded students that studying at the Campus meant they were near a lot of relevant companies that could provide opportunities. He gave advice about how to find work and encouraged students to get work experience and make contacts.

There was also time for Curtis to draw a couple of his well-known cartoon characters and read a chapter from one of his Wereworld books. He also signed books and drew doodles for students.

Curtis tweeted after the event: “What a great crowd of students (and lecturers) and some unexpected and testing questions!”

Kyle Rossi, 20, who is studying Film and Television Production, said: "Going to the talk with Curtis Jobling gave me the opportunity to see someone who has become successful in the industry I am looking to work in one day. This has inspired me to keep working hard and power through with my own career goals for the future."

Caroline Ford, Deputy Head of the Music, Media and Performing Arts Department, sat in on the talk.  She said: “It was really good. He talked about his passion for storytelling, which was brilliant. Obviously he’s worked in animation and now he’s a writer and he’s done all these different things, but it’s an experience relevant to everyone in media, and I think that’s why there were no seats left. We had students from right across the programmes attending. He was just very engaging and he talked about the joy of working within the creative industry.”


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