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What is new in your studies this term?

As the second term started and we began some of our new modules, I am particularly enjoying the real-life insight some of them are providing us with, along with the opportunity to meet employers from the industry. At the moment I am looking forward to exploring them in more depth and obtaining new skills through the upcoming volunteering opportunities we have been offered. I have recently applied to volunteer as part of the event team delivering the Ultra-Trail Snowdonia 2023 Marathon in Northern Wales and for the “Host City Welcome Volunteer” position for Eurovision2023 in Liverpool. I am hoping to hear back soon from both organisations, as volunteering for them would be an amazing opportunity and a great start for my career in the events management industry.


What opportunities have you enjoyed?

At the beginning of February, the Business School’s Department of Marketing, Events, Tourism and Digital Marketing organised a study trip to Edinburgh. Despite being in Scotland for less than 3 days we managed to find our way around the city and visit the most important landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland, and both the New and Old Town, thanks to a night time ghost tour.

While we were there we were given a task to work on, aimed to reflect on how to apply our academic knowledge to real-life challenges. We had to observe certain aspects of the city, from its landmarks to its businesses and services, and provide solutions for specific problems the Council is facing. As a matter of fact, studying Event Management, Tourism and Marketing has allowed all of us to overall have a better understanding of how the industry is managed and perceived by consumers, in this case, us, first-year students from the University of Chester, and how to satisfy them.


How have you settled into your studies and made friends?
The Edinburgh trip was great because we got plenty of time to explore the city on our own, something that enabled us to get to know each other even more, making friends with new people and bonding with those we already got along with. Beside the trip I have enjoyed my university life since the very start: I settled in a great on-campus accommodation, Fisher House, and joined the Boxing Society and the International Society, but I also became part of Events Society committee, with the role of Social Sec. I have also started working as a Student Ambassador – events, digital and academic – meeting many prospective students and hopefully helping them with their choice, as well as sharing my academic and personal journey at the University of Chester through my blogs.


How would you rate your Chester experience?

Overall my experience has been completely flawless since the beginning, and I am really grateful I have been given the opportunity to study at the University of Chester’s Business School. In less than a year I have made great friends, in my courses, in my accommodation and through the societies I have joined, and I have taken part in several activities that have allowed me to meet many new people. My advice for prospective students that will join us in September is: be fearless, chat to other students, get involved as much as you can, join different societies, attend fairs, gather with other like-minded peers and most importantly enjoy your university experience. I promise you that the University motto is right, you will find your people and you will find your place.



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