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CEFAW has now completed a draft of our key publication: 'The Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare: A Policy Framework for Churches and Christian Organizations'. The framework sets out:

  • why farmed animal welfare should be a concern for Christians;
  • a Christian approach to farmed animal welfare based on the flourishing of humans and farmed animals;
  • an analysis of the extent to which current UK farming systems enable the flourishing of farmed animals; and
  • conclusions and recommendations for the practice of churches and other Christian organizations; farmers and farmworkers; food retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers; Christian investors; and policymakers.

We are gathering feedback on the draft framework from the beginning of March until the end of May 2020. If you know a church or other organization that would be interested in hosting a discussion with us, do let us know. We'll then produce the final version of the framework for publication and launch in the autumn.

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