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Earlier this year, the DARO brought together alumni, staff and students for a very special event. Chapel Memories gave participants the opportunity to share their memories and stories of the Chapel on campus, which will contribute to a student dissertation project in the faculty of Science and Engineering. The project is a cutting-edge virtual reality experience, based around the Chapel and its rich history.

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Chapel is dear to so many who have studied, and still study, here at the University. For those in our alumni community in particular, we know that Chapel holds so many special memories of their time here, and beyond. During the Chapel Memories event, alumni were invited to share these memories with current students.


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Staff and students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering presenting the project.


Photo 3Participants met in the Senior Common Room on campus for an introduction from University Chaplain, Peter Jenner; Computer Science students, Chris and Michelle and Senior Lecturer, Helen Southall. Alumni then had the opportunity to share their fascinating Chapel memories and reminisce with their fellow alumni over tea and cake. Some alumni also brought along College artefacts and memorabilia to help bring their memories to life!

Some memories shared at the event…

“23rd October, 2019 – the date of my marriage in the Chapel.  My wife and I met at the then University College Chester during our undergraduate years (1995-99) and I subsequently gained employment at the University.  Having settled in Chester there was only one choice of where we decided to get married: The Chapel.”


Photo 4

Alumni sharing memories.


“My granddaughter’s hand template was used for one of the hands on the new alter cloth, made by the sewing group for the Chapel.” 

“The image of Snowdon on the stained-glass window in Chapel commemorates the Staff Association’s walk up the mountain for the institution’s 175th anniversary. One hundred members of staff, family and friends took part in the walk.”

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“I was part of the Drama Society and for some reason we must have been short of rehearsal space one evening. Our much-loved college Chaplain agreed that we could rehearse in the Chapel. We were doing “stepping out” that term, and I learned to tap dance up and down the aisle. I’ve always harboured a little guilt about the damage my heffalumping steps must have done to the floor!”


Photo 6

Alumna looking at the Senior Common Room display cabinets.


Thank you to everyone who attended and took the time to share their memories with us.

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