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Which postgraduate course did you study?

I studied the MSc Biotechnology course at University Centre Shrewsbury. 

What did you study for your undergraduate degree, and where did you study?  

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya.

Why postgraduate study?

As I aspire to become a lecturer, and an expert in the field, undertaking a MSc Biotechnology degree was the next logical step. It was a chance to learn from experts while gaining practical experience.

How did you fund your postgraduate course?

My parents paid for the course fees. However, I had to pay for my own accommodation, food, and social activities, so I took a part-time job as a care worker.

What did you think of the course?

The course was challenging but exciting. It equipped me with lots of great skills, such as academic writing, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and project-based learning.  The biggest highlight was my dissertation, which was in partnership with Pathway Intermediates, an animal nutrition company. I gained in-depth knowledge and useful skills from the lab sessions.

How did you find the support from your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT)?

I was lucky enough to have my PAT’s support and encouragement throughout my Master’s journey. Before travelling to the UK, my PAT gave me a list of essential items to include in my luggage. When I arrived here, she checked up on me regularly to make sure I was okay, and she replied to my emails promptly. Also, as my supervisor during my dissertation, she was present during all the lab sessions and answered any questions I had. I’m grateful to have met her and for all her support.

Did you receive any support from the University’s support teams?

As an international student, critical writing was a huge challenge because I was not used to critically analysing published work. The Academic Skills team supplied me with slides, one-on-one sessions and exercises, which was a great help. This team is an invaluable asset to the University of Chester.

What opportunities have there been at University Centre Shrewsbury to help you reach your career goals?

The Careers and Employability team has been particularly useful in helping me write my CV and prepare for interviews. The experience gained from internships has equipped me with practical skills – it all looks great on my CV.

What clubs, societies or other activities did you take part in during your course?

I’m a very sociable person, and I like to undertake volunteer work in my spare time – I’m currently volunteering with Parkinsons UK. I’m also a member of the Creative Writing Society.

How did you organise your postgraduate study alongside your friends and family, work, and any other existing commitments you may have had?

I’m a big fan of scheduling apps and sticky notes. With proper time management, anything is possible. I managed to study, make time for my family and friends, travel, and work without feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have a specific career path in mind?

My long-term goal is to become a respected lecturer. Currently, I want to gain industrial experience before I embark on a PhD. However, this path may change – I was recently introduced to a science communication pathway and fell in love. 

How has your postgraduate degree helped you with your career goals?

My postgraduate degree has helped me improve my analytical thinking and academic writing skills. Through various training, I’ve also managed to network and enhance my social currency.

What are you doing now you’ve completed your postgraduate degree?

While I’m looking for a job, I’m using my time wisely to try and do some of the things on my bucket list. With the year coming to an end, I’m trying to achieve as many goals as possible.

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