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When we started the Geography Society this year, we had no idea how the year would plan out given the current circumstances; whether we would be allowed to ever meet in person or whether we would have to adapt for everything to be online and virtual. In previous years, we would host a lot of themed night out socials but this year was going to be different. At first, we were concerned that we wouldn’t get the same level of interaction as previous years, but so far, we’ve had more interaction than ever before! - so many more society members, lots more variety with our events and so much more!

At the start we held a few committee meetings to discuss our ideas for the year and to make sure they’d work virtually as well as in person, in case we were ever allowed to. We changed our presence on social media and promoted the society a lot more which received a lot of interest from new undergraduates. We began to hold online socials; which was very new to all of us, but ended up being so much fun and a great way to meet new people, even if it was just online. We had online movie nights, pumpkin carving nights, quiz nights, and so many others which everyone seemed to enjoy!

Our most recent event was a Christmas quiz night as an end of term treat. As well as this being a fun event, we also decided to host this as a way to raise money for one of our chosen charities for the year, Chester Aid to the Homeless. We chose this charity for our Christmas event because we believe it to be a very important cause throughout the year, but especially during the winter cold nights. There was a great turn out from a mix of people from all over the university, not just society members, which was great to help raise money! We asked for around a £2 donation from everybody as a ticket to join the event; this meant that we managed to raise £86! The committee gave out prizes for the top three winners which were Amazon vouchers ranging from £5 to £15, to help add competition and more fun to the quiz!

We also plan to hold a lot more events and projects during 2021, in hope that this year will allow us to do more physical events - fingers crossed! One of our ideas is to have a sustainable fashion show involving students from departments all across the University, not just Geography! We are hoping to be able to accept donations of clothes and any materials to create clothing, even crisp packets and magazines will be accepted! We also have other event ideas such as a veggie fest which will include some stalls of delicious veggie and vegan food alongside some printed recipes for people to take home. As part of the Go Green Festival, which is run by the Green Chester team, we thought that we would promote more sustainable eating, the easiest way to do this is to cut meat out of your diet. To ease the transition, we are planning to create mini recipe cards that are quick and easy, and most importantly, affordable for students. Our links with the departments in the university, businesses, and the council have helped put our plans in motion and hopefully these ties will carry on through the next few years!

One of our key projects for the year is to create TerraCycle drop off points on campus. TerraCycle is a company that collects recyclable rubbish for companies to reuse for their products. They offer a wide range of free recycling programmes such as Carex, bread bags, Cathedral City, and many more. If you’re interested in looking into this further, have a look at their website ( TerraCycle also uses money they collect from recycling to give to charities around the world. So far, they have raised over $44 million for charity! We can’t wait for the University to open again so we can begin making progress on this project!

We are so excited for the rest of this academic year and for the future of the society and can’t wait to be able to meet everyone in person again when it is safe to do so!



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