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Welcome to our new blog for all things Alumni at the University of Chester. Whether you graduated 1, 10 or 50 years ago, we will be blogging about where you studied, stayed and what you have all done since! We hope to show the successes and ones-to-watch within our alumni community, stories from both past and present, whether it be recalling your College days or what you did on graduation last year.

We also plan to blog about interesting and often unknown parts of the University’s history and heritage, be it from our archive of artefacts or from the memories of you who studied here. Did you know, for example, that before we had our alumni magazine The Cestrian, we had The Collegian, which has been running since 1898?! We’ve put the earliest existing cover of that magazine side by side with our most recent issue above to give you an idea of how we’ve changed since then!

So, why a blog?

We hear about so many aspects of University and College life, past and present, and we cannot always fit those into our hardcopy magazine. Many of these stories and events find their way to us via Social Media, and we really wanted a place where they can all ‘live’ for alumni and friends of the University to enjoy. The Cestrian has come a long way, and from this year we will be publishing one, annual edition, published in late Spring.* That’s a long time to wait to tell you all about something we find out about in July! So, our blog was born.

What will you find here on our blog?

We want this blog to be for and about you, our amazing alumni community. There are around 75,000 of you worldwide, and we want to hear from you! Whether it be a new or established career of life venture, a catch up on where you are now, or a callout to catch up with those you studied with, we can blog about it. Just set up a business? We’d like to know. Set one up 50 years ago? Sounds interesting to us. Have a story from when you were here that you might like to share? We’ll consider it for the blog.

If YOU would like to be a guest blogger, we would love that! All of the above examples can apply, as well as anything in-between – whether you would like to promote your new album, tell others starting out what your career has been like to this point, or you are currently raising money for a great cause, we would love you to tell us all about it.

So whether you graduated from University of Chester, Chester College, or Padgate, this blog is for you!

But before we start, who are we?

Fiona, the Alumni and Development Manager, arrived in 2011 and has been gathering the troops since, with her passion for meeting people and love of their unique stories.  She has woven many a tale into an event or activity, including the design and group production of a 2m square community quilt depicting aspects of the history of the institution!  She loves connecting people and accrues a lot of information on facts and events of the past, resurfacing these details months or years later when piecing together the history of student lives.  She creates unique events and fundraising campaigns for alumni to participate in, encouraging volunteers to get involved along the way.  Fiona knows the value of keeping everyone in touch so don’t be surprised if you hear from her!

Helena is the Alumni & Development Officer and has been on the team since 2015. Helena is always interested in the stories of Chester alumni – Helena is our Social Media queen, so is always on the lookout for new and exciting ones-to-watch to features. Helena hopes to blog about new start-ups and business ideas, info pieces on how we can connect with Social Media and technology, and to connect current students with alumni. Helena is an experienced crowdfunding campaign manager and mentor, and would love to hear from alumni who would like to use crowdfunding for their projects. Helena also loves all things Arts, so if you’re a budding (or seasoned) artsy alumni, Helena would love to talk to you!

That’s us, now over to you!

* If you would like to receive The Cestrian, we are now digital! Sign up here and we will add you to our e-subscriber list.


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