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From the weird and wonderful to the eccentric and unique, there are plenty of clubs and societies available here at the University of Chester. Georgina, one of our third year International Development and History students and current Student Ambassador, tells us about her experience of joining one!

Going to university isn’t all work and no play – it's important to take breaks and ensure you have the means to wind down and do something you enjoy. This can take place in the form of a club, sport or society that you attend as little or as often as you like.

Chester has such a great choice of sports and societies. With over 110 different ones to choose, there is pretty much something for everyone. Of course, there are the traditional sports, such as football, tennis, hockey, netball and basketball, but we do have some more interesting ones that don’t always make it into secondary school PE lessons such as archery, martial arts and quidditch! Yes, you read right, quidditch. Not your average sport, but one University of Chester students are quite successful at playing against other university in BUCS Wednesday matches

Now if you’re not the sporty type, then societies may sound more appealing. Chester hosts many different societies, from subject-based clubs such as the History club, STEM club and Drama clubs, to hobby-based clubs, such as Food Hub and K-Pop. We also have political and faith-based societies that students can join to find likeminded people and make new friends and connections.

Sports and societies in general are a great way to meet new people and make some great fiends for life. Most Wednesdays, there is what we call the sports and societies night out, whereby most of the clubs will get dressed up (usually fancy dress) and go out into Chester for a good night out. However, clubs and societies often promote sober socials, which include meals out and day trips away, as it is important to cater for people who do not drink. There is always something for everyone.

There are great ways to get involved in the running of a club. Coming to university, I wanted to join a martial art, so opted for the newly formed Hung Kuen Kung Fu club. Due to the opportunities to join the committee, I felt that I wanted to be a part of the running of a new club and see if I could continue to make it a success. I entered into the club elections and was voted in as captain for the following year. So next year, I am running the club as Club Captain. If you have passion and dedication and want to have a challenge, running for a committee position can boost your skills and improve your confidence, and it looks great on your CV. 

Sports and societies have been a big part of my life whilst studying my degree. Make the most of what they have to offer and you won’t regret it. 

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