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Chester is the perfect location for the summer, offering a vast amount of outdoor spots located near the River Dee. Whether it’s exploring the popular Grosvenor Park or the open area of Chester Meadows, to smaller locations like Edgar’s Field Park and the outstanding Chester Racecourse. These places are free and accessible for everyone to use and explore.

Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park provides a peaceful and beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Offering places to relax, explore and entertain. The park offers a variety of locations to sit and take in the tranquillity of the park. During the summer it also offers plenty of entertainment from the open-air theatre as well as watching our very own students excavate for historical items. Whether you choose to sit on a bench or bring your own blanket, the park hosts a variety of welcomed guests from book readers to lunch break users, social gathers, and more.

Grosvenor Park also provides visitors the opportunity to take in the natural beauties and wonders of nature that this park prides itself on. With plenty of shade below the towering trees and the well-maintained variety of flowers, the park is never short of awe. It is also home to friendly little residents such as squirrels, so make sure you give them a quick little hello next time you see them.

Chester Meadows

Though just a stone’s throw away, Chester Meadows offers an alternative nature spot to Grosvenor Park. The Meadows provide visitors with an open area where they can look at Chester, Boughton and Handbridge all in one place. The most accessible path can be found just below the Queen’s Park Bridge on the Handbridge side. This choice of path provides a delightfully short journey to the meadows. It allows wanderers the freedom to gaze across the riverbank to Chester and its bustling community of ice cream lovers and boat riders.

Once you enter the meadows you can follow the footpath directly alongside the River Dee. It is a long but rewarding journey for those who seek adventure and wish to explore the spectacular scenery on show. It provides an irresistible opportunity to take photos of the beautiful landscape. By following the footpath, you are taken out of the city to view some majestic greenery and see the world beyond Chester.

Edgar’s Field Park

Edgar’s Field Park is located next to river but opposite from the Meadows in Handbridge. It is a peaceful park for those looking for a good location to explore. The park provides good views for overlooking the Old Dee Bridge, the Wheeler site, and Chester Castle. With local cafes, shops, and restaurants next to and across the road there are plenty of places to eat and drink when spending the day in the park.

Chester Racecourse

Venturing away from the river Chester Racecourse is known for its spectacular events and entertainment. However, during its quieter periods, it is host to plenty of picnics and doggy mayhem. The racecourse is the perfect area to socialise with friends, bask in the sun and engage in a game of frisbee or two. It is a great location to relax before adventuring into town for a bite to eat or taking a stroll along the infamous walls.

No matter where you end up, you’ll inevitably be engrossed by Chester’s natural beauties and never want to leave.

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