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Current job title 

Senior Event Coordinator


Career Highlights

There’s been many! After 13 months in the business, and as the youngest and least experienced Event Coordinator, I received a promotion. Since March, 2022, I’ve delivered 13 physical events, and travelled to 3 different cities in America: Boston, San Diego and Denver. My CEO also knows me by name and face, and congratulated me on my work this year, which made me feel very starstruck!


University Highlights

In my second year of uni, we were asked to organise and deliver our own event to raise money for a charity. This was a fantastic opportunity to implement the theory we’d learnt in our first and second year. I worked with Whitley Neill gin and The Alchemist to organise a gin tasting evening, both big names! Unfortunately, the event didn’t run as planned due to the pandemic but we were able to replace with a virtual raffle which ran via Facebook Live. In the end, my group raised the most amount of money for their charity, which was great considering the adversity we’d faced. 


Why did you choose to study Events Management?

There’s a lot of pressure when choosing a degree which can then massively impact your employment further down the line! I was always an academic student in school and almost felt pushed to do a degree like Maths, but once I realised that this wasn’t really what my heart wanted, I evaluated the things that I was good at and the things I thoroughly enjoyed and came to the conclusion that an organisational subject would be a great fit for me! I was always the friend that arranged the birthday surprises and social gatherings, so why not do that on a bigger scale? Not only could I continue to do this in my social life, I could now do a degree about managing events, and eventually make an income from it. This was definitely an occasion where I followed my heart over my head and I’m so happy, and fortunate, that I did! 


Do you have any advice for students or graduates? 

Just enjoy every second of it! I’m sure you’ve heard it from your parents and your parents’ parents, but from a 23 year old new-ish graduate, these genuinely are some of the best years of your life so make the most of every crazy second of it.



If you want to find out more about our Events Management Degree, which can be combined with a number of other business related subjects at the University of Chester Business School in Queen’s Park, please click here to see our course webpages.

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