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Chris Evison: Postgraduate Alumnus

Why did you choose to study MSc Flood Risk Assessment, Modelling and Engineering with us?

I changed career path from deep ocean surveying, to inland hydrographic survey. I spend a large part of my current career working with raw data and generating a variety of datasets including 1D and 2D flood models including for CFRAM (the Irish Governments national flood modelling scheme). I wanted to get knowledge and qualifications for the field to improve my understanding of why we undertake these surveys and how the data we create is used.

How did you organise your postgraduate study alongside your friends and family, work and any other existing commitments you may have had?

I completed the course at evenings and weekends and worked a full-time job during the day. I scaled back most recreation and social activities, accepting the course was my main priority for the 12 month duration.

How did you fund your postgraduate study?

It was funded by my employer, Murphy Geospatial Ltd.

How has your postgraduate degree help you with your career goals?

The course was incredibly helpful filling in gaps in my knowledge and expanding my perspective on flooding issues in a wider picture than my prior scope. Since completing the course, I have been promoted to a more senior position and have trained a small team of people to work in the development of flood models. I have been researching and developing a path for transfer of data from CAD and GIS into the Unity gaming engine, to improve accessibility to data and combine previously incompatible sets of survey data. I am also considering going forwards to chartership with Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).


If you'd like to find out more about our MSc Flood Risk Assessment, Modelling and Engineering take a look at our course page, and if you want visit us find out all about postgraduate study with us we're holding Open Days in June.

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