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This Christmas, we gave you our Christmas videos, and the very next day we added some blogs as well.

Although Christmas can be overwhelming with all the food, drink, presents, wrapping, singing, decorating and spending, somehow we try to remember what it's all for. So to help us break through the Christmas clutter, we have asked our academic experts to relay their insights into the festive season and highlight just what makes Christmas, Christmas.

If you’re interested in the consumerism aspect of Christmas, then we have videos about how to be healthier this Christmas; 

How retailers encourage us to spend more; 

And how we can be more environmentally friendly at Christmas:

If you’ve ever wondered how different countries celebrate Christmas, then our Programme Leader for German looks at how East Germany celebrate Christmas: 

We have also looked at the origins of Christmas: 

And the evolution of the nativity play: 

So, whether you’re a Santa or a Scrooge – we hope you enjoy the Christmas insights our experts have explained and have a very Merry Christmas!

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