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Robin Lilley FCIPD ACC, Global Director of Leadership, Learning and Development at The Coca-Cola Company.

Robin Lilley FCIPD ACC, Global Director of Leadership, Learning and Development at The Coca-Cola Company, shared his expertise on how engagement is changing in organisations and how the nature of leadership can evolve to respond.

In the online talk to postgraduate Business and Management students, he discussed some of the science and theories behind what motivates staff, explaining that money is not always the strongest incentive, with drives such as self-directing work, mastering skills and making a contribution proving increasingly important to people.

The talk was one of a series that students benefit from as part of their courses.

Robin said: “A big thankyou to the University of Chester Business School, Senior Lecturer Karen Cregan, staff and students for inviting me to join them earlier this term. I really enjoyed the session and we plan to continue the conversation online.”

Karen Cregan, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management said: “We’re really grateful to Robin for giving up his time. It was great for the students to explore future trends and reflect on their own leadership styles in this new world.”

Alphonsa Carisma, a Management Master’s student said: “Attending the session with Robin on the future of leadership has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me.

“I have gained so much from all of the constructive input and guidance throughout the learning. It has helped me to understand the overall importance of future leadership and I feel it will be very beneficial to me and those I deal with professionally.”

Fellow Management Master’s student Rachel White added: “We are really fortunate to have had this opportunity for a great discussion with Robin regarding the three categories of engagement, and how an engaged workforce means better outcomes for the organisation.”

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