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In July 2016, a group of eleven former Padgate College of Education students met up to celebrate fifty years since starting their teacher training course in 1966.

Lynda Whittle (Brown), a member of this group, who has lived in Somerset for the last 32 years, said: “The reunion was arranged in Bolton, Lancashire. Half the group still live in the North West but others travelled from the South East, the Midlands, and even from as far as Australia! Everyone enjoyed the day so much that a future get together is planned in three to four years’ time to celebrate fifty years since graduation.”


Lynda Whittle 1

Lynda and friends in 1969
L-R standing: Susan Lane (nee Cholerton); Sue Roseblade (nee Ellis); Val Cooper (nee Munslow); Carol Berrios (nee Hampson); Sheila Atkinson (nee Collier); Sylvia Gibbons; Sue Spence (nee Kidd); Marilyn Hutchinson; Carole Collins (nee Stone) and Joyce Mortelliti (nee Keep).
L-R kneeling: Lynda Whittle (nee Brown); Christine Fimmemore (nee Edwards); Val Robson (nee Jones) and Wynne Scott (nee Hargreaves). Photo kindly taken by Judith Rees (nee Emery).

She added: “I have been trying to find out what our hall of residence was called at the time we lived there but to no avail.  I would have said it was what is now Manchester Hall but after looking at an aerial view, the roof on that building looks different to that of the other halls, which makes me think that it may be a new addition.  If it is a new build then the hall we lived in would have been what is now Padgate Hall is.  What we do remember is that the member of staff who had a flat in our hall (to keep an eye on us!) was Ivy Benson.”


Lynda Whittle 2

Lynda and friends (1969)


Another member of the group, Susan Lane (Cholerton), was awarded an MBE in 2009 for her services to education. After seven years in secondary education, she moved to youth work, and then into further education where she remained until she retired.

Susan said: “I can honestly say there was never a dull moment in my career. There were plenty of tense ones, but balanced with lots of happy ones.”

Sue Spence (Kidd) travelled to Australia after Padgate and she still lives there. Joyce Moertelliti (Keep) is now living in Rome after marrying an Italian.


Lynda Whittle 3

The group with their current husbands and partners.

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