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1. You must be under the age of 21 to study an apprenticeship.

False. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for anybody over the age of 16. As long as you have the right qualifications and/or experience, you can apply for any apprenticeship regardless of age. 47% of apprentices in England are aged 25 and over.

2. Apprenticeships are only offered up to Level 3. 

False. As well as Level 3 apprenticeships, they are also offered at higher and degree level (L4+). The University of Chester offer higher apprenticeships at Level 5, and degree apprenticeships up to Level 7. 44% of apprentices that started in England between 2019 and 2020 were at an advanced level.

3. Applying for an apprenticeship degree offered at the University also secures you a job position.

False.  Although we can provide support and guidance on where to apply for available apprenticeship job opportunities, unfortunately the apprentices studying with the University of Chester are not employed by us.

In order to apply for a place on one of our apprenticeship programmes, you must be put forward by your employer. This could be an employer you have been with for a while, or a new employer you have successfully gained an apprenticeship job role with. You must be in a job role which is relevant to the course you are applying for so that learning can be consolidated in the workplace.

4. You must fund your own studies during your apprenticeship or get a student loan.

False. Apprenticeships are funded through an employer and the government. This means that you can gain your qualification without having to get into debt or worry about funding.

When you first apply for an apprenticeship, your eligibility will be assessed in order to ensure you are able to study the programme you would like. This involves supplying certain evidence that will be checked against the Education & Skills Funding Agency criteria.

5. You are given time by your employer in order to complete work for your apprenticeship.

True! Your employer has signed a contract to ensure you have at least 20% of your working hours to dedicate towards your training. This can be used for things such as attending your university days, workshops or placements dependent upon the qualification that you pick. This will provide you with the opportunity to work towards completing your assignments within your working hours.

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