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Dr Maziar Bonab, our department's newest addition at the Senior Lecturer level, is a medical doctor, a biomolecular archaeologist and a human molecular & medical geneticist, specialising in the use of modern and ancient human DNA to investigate human origin, genetic disorders and forensic identification. 

Before being awarded his MSc and PhD in the UK, Maziar used to work as a forensic pathologist at the Iranian Legal Medical Organization (1992-1997), as a Forensic Anthropologist at the Iranian Archaeological Research Centre (1997-2002) and as the founder and head of the Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences (1998-2002). After completion of his PhD in 2006, he worked as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Biology and Biomedical Sciences in various universities such as the University of Portsmouth, the University of Worcester and De Montfort University.

We are proud to welcome Dr Bonab into our department and he has already received excellent feedback from our students!

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