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After joining the wheelchair basketball club, I’ve found some of the most incredible and inspirational people. I discovered this sport while wandering around the Freshers’ Fair at the beginning of my first year. I wandered around the hall, unsure what I might find, hoping to discover the right society for me. I signed up for some amazing clubs, and then AJ, the person running the wheelchair basketball society, reached out; at this point, I had avoided certain stalls because I felt I might be a nuisance to the team being a wheelchair user (although this was not the case for most clubs I spoke too). I thought I didn’t have the physical fitness to participate in any sport; however, after a mere few minutes of talking to AJ, I was persuaded to come along with my friends for the trial session. During this trial session, we had the most amazing fun; there were laughs all around! While it was all fun, we were discovering a love for a sport we didn’t even know existed, learning skills and techniques both used in the sport and in everyday life!

What is wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is a sport where people participating in the game use wheelchairs to transport themselves up and down the court. The rules vary slightly from basketball, as there are rules about what you can do with your wheelchair. This makes for an interesting game with a great atmosphere. Wheelchair basketball is played professionally and casually, so there are options to suit all looking to play!

Who can join?

This club is for everyone! I, as a wheelchair user, thought it was amazing to be able to join a club where I could perform to the best of my ability, and my friends (who did not use wheelchairs) could also participate. I have also met one of my closest friends through going to that trial session, someone I may not have met since we study completely different courses. My partner, who worked in the Catering Services team at the University, was also allowed to join. AJ wanted to create a club for everyone to be able to join, feel safe and, more importantly, have fun!

Why join a sport at university?

  • Meet new people – joining sports clubs or societies is a great way to meet new people at university, especially if you’re a bit more reserved or anxious like me.
  • Distraction – joining wheelchair basketball has given me a break from the stress that life sometimes comes with. It also gives me a break from studying so I can return refreshed.
  • Learning new skills – growing within yourself, doing things you thought you might not be able to do.
  • Mindfulness – joining a sport allows you to become more mindful; while playing, you must be aware of others playing, both your team and the opponent’s team. You must be mindful of yourself, your body, and your limitations.
  • Improve social and communicative skills – you will interact with people of varying ages and disabilities. People who may have played for Team GB or who play for fun. There are lots of different personalities and characters at the club as you train with the Cheshire Phoenix team.
  • Fun – wheelchair basketball is a fun place for everyone; it does not matter if you’ve never done the sport before or are a seasoned player; the people running the session ensure everyone has fun. But also, that everyone learns and gets something out of attending!
  • Progression – like many sports, you can progress infinitely at this! There are always new skills or techniques you can learn.

Thinking of joining a sport or society? Be sure to see us at the Freshers’ Fair this September and get yourself and your friends to sign up for a trial session! If you have any questions, we will be able to answer them there.

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