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The one thing I can say with absolute certainty about life as a student is that there is no typical day. Since I am a commuting student this day in the life is based around the one day of the week I actually stay in Chester the night before, due to my schedule the previous day. Because of this I like to make the most of my day before driving home since I’m not at the University unless I have lectures. 


Waking up for the day includes the usual 30 minutes scrolling on my phone across various social media sites before leaving the warmth of my bed and facing responsibilities. On this particular day I don’t have anything at university until 10am so I can afford to have a slow morning. 


By this point I have usually dragged myself out of bed and gotten ready for the day. Whilst eating breakfast I will usually plan out my day with some YouTube or Netflix on in the background.


It’s now time to set off to campus to arrive for about quarter past and wait around in the ‘Take 10’ room down the corridor from my lecture to go through notes I’ll need for the day. This includes previous lectures and seminars, my main notes and any recommended reading. 


Time for my lecture for Marketing Management. Despite only being one hour long we always manage to cover vast amounts of information and get some very useful tips for our assignments.


Immediately after I have a two-hour lecture for the Global Customer module where we discuss customer behaviours within different global contexts and marketers’ decisions. We always have a ten-minute or so break in this lecture where we can get some fresh air or simply talk. Personally I always go for the mandatory cup of tea. 


After finishing our first two-hour lecture we have an hour break for lunch and are usually given a short worksheet to work through or some articles to read in preparation for the next lecture at 2pm. 

We go grab some lunch from the café – unless we were organised and brought our own – then head to an empty classroom (usually the one we are in for our next lecture is free) to eat lunch and complete any work set (usually only takes around five minutes). 


Time for our final two-hour lecture of the day for our Global Customer module. We typically have one lecturer for the first two-hour session and another for the second and cover different sections. Just like in our earlier session, we always have a break and spend a few minutes at the end summarising the lecture and its application for our assignments. 


After finishing all my lectures for the day I’m free to head off to a quiet space to catch up on some work and complete any reading for later in the week. I’ll usually head to the library if I’m working on an assignment but if I’m just reading or typing up my notes then I’ll head to any quiet space on campus – this could be the ‘Take 10’ room, empty classroom or general socialising spaces. 

Before I leave, I always make sure I have prepared my notes and further reading for my seminar on Thursday whilst the lecture is fresh in my mind and then I can have the Wednesday off. 


Assuming I’m happy with the work I’ve completed around this time I will head off home and as a commuting student this usually takes around two hours, so I make sure I’ve definitely finished everything before leaving since I can’t just pop back in any time I need to.


After getting home I completely ignore everything relating to my course, cook dinner and relax for the rest of the evening. I usually choose to watch Netflix until around 10pm then read for up to an hour before finally heading to bed. 

And that is a typical day in my life as a Marketing Management student at university. Although every day is different, since I have multiple jobs outside of university and take part in societies.

Abby is one of our online student ambassadors, so you can ask her any questions you may have, or chat to one of our other students:

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