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Photograph of Auron

Auron Polo, 23, who is studying for a BSc in Software Engineering has been on a work placement at Titan Webtech in Pulford, Chester, a software development company that provides software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Members of the team at Titan Webtech were so impressed with Auron’s dedication and performance that they nominated him for the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce Annual Recognition Awards in the category of Young Person/Apprentice of the Year and were delighted when he was announced as a finalist. He has also been offered a job working at the company, fitting in around his studies.

The award is to highlight the exceptional contribution of a young person or apprentice, aged 25 or under, to the success and growth of a business based in West Cheshire and North Wales. The nominated person should demonstrate that they have developed and grown their skill set; made a significant contribution to the business and has enthusiasm, dedication and a positive attitude.

Auron, from Trinidad and Tobago, said: “To be in the finals feels unreal. I feel that my placement and job with Titan Webtech have given me the opportunity to make mistakes and to experiment, not only learning from my failures but also my successes. I’ve built confidence in my work and humility from my mistakes. I think it’s made me even more ready for what’s to come next.

“The University made me feel welcome and like I wasn’t just another number to be dealt with. From the pictures I saw of the city, I fell in love with it and its character and knew this was where I wanted to be.

“My favourite part of the course is that I get to apply the things I’ve learned to create something and build on it, which gives me a real sense of satisfaction and is the way I’ve always learned best.”

Auron’s role includes improving existing software applications and websites, supporting sites and dealing with customer queries and developing new code for software solutions as well as understanding changes in the industry.

Laura Clinton, Director of Titan Webtech said: “Auron impressed us with his natural ability and his eagerness to improve and learn new skills, and has played a key role in many of our projects over the last 12 months.

“Not only that, he also brings his positive energy to the office each day. We wish him the best of luck in the final!’

Dr Richard Stocker, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Software Engineering at the University of Chester, said:“I was very happy to hear that Auron was selected to work at Titan Webtech, for both him and for us – the Software Engineering degree programme. Titan Webtech had not taken a student of ours before and I wanted them to hire a student who would make a good impression. I knew that Auron would do so, and he has!

“I am very proud that Auron was nominated for this award and overjoyed that he has been entered as a finalist. Having this on his CV will hopefully kick start his career and give him the confidence to carve his path to his dream job. A big well done to Auron! My fingers and toes are crossed for the big win in November.”

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