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Hello, my name is Ersan Tiryaki. I am originally from Turkey but have lived in the UK for the last 20 years. I am currently working full-time in the NHS and graduated in 2021 with a Work Based and Integrative Studies degree from the University of Chester.

With a background in Administration, I decided to study to enhance my understanding of key and emerging business topics. The course itself is really valuable, and it’s a fantastic starting point for anyone who wants to gain a degree in the business field. I’ve gained a much deeper knowledge and understanding of many aspects of the business world. The programme content is excellent, and the modules are tailored to each individual to maximise the benefit of the overall experience to each student. The WBIS programme has given me a place where I really feel like I fit in and can be with like-minded people. Taking control of what I wanted to see and learn about in my education also helped me to plan the work that I want to create in the future. The choices I made with my degree have honoured my creativity and purpose. Wherever I go next, I know that what I’ve done at the University of Chester will act as a stepping stone to finding and taking up space in Business Administration.

The experience has been highly transformative, both personally and professionally. It has really ignited my academic curiosity. All of the course tutors are highly supportive. I have also found that studying alongside working full-time has been highly enriching for my own practice and wider knowledge of Administration theory. Indeed, my perspective on the very nature of the subject has changed significantly as has my confidence in my own ability. I also like it that you can help to design your module. I had a lot of say in how and what I learned. I see that as a life skill.

Studying this course allowed me to adjust to higher education and helped me gain a much better understanding of academic writing and this has led me to further my studies by enrolling on a Master’s degree course under the same programme. All this, I hope, will allow me to further progress in my chosen career within the NHS.

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