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There is something for everyone in the lively town of Warrington, for your fitness buffs (like myself) there’s Warrington Youth Zone, which is free to University of Chester students. Warrington Youth Zone has climbing walls, a gym and football pitches for anyone who wants to keep fit and it's right behind the bus station. There’s also Gravity, which is a trampoline park, it’s super fun and right next door to the Times Square site.

I love to admire architecture, as like Chester, Warrington is famous for it. Encased in modern architecture, as well as brutalist buildings dotted around, what’s inside really counts for Warrington. Usually, I start my day by going bowling with my friends, I never win but the food at the Super Bowl is top-notch! I either choose some nachos or chips. I then play some arcade games which are either single or two-player. Since the Bowling Alley is conveniently placed in Golden Square, you don’t have to travel far for food, shopping, or even social activities. After bowling, I usually go shopping. In Warrington there is a shop for everyone - from Primark to Game, artisan boutiques in the market to a Wilko around the corner, Warrington has everything you need!

Then, if it’s Christmas, Pride, or even half term, there are shows in the centre of the Golden Square. My favourite pop-up event was the Warrington Pop-Up Museum and Library. Which was a mini version of the actual library and museum around the corner. The museums on Museum Street are free to enter, and as there are two, you have a choice of looking at the Policing Museum (showcasing contemporary policing throughout the ages) or the Museum of Art, which shows not only art but also Warrington throughout the ages. They even have archives in Warrington history.

For lunch even though there are so many different options like the market, Ask Italian or Heavenly Desserts, we always have to go for a cheeky Nando’s! Although, if Nando’s isn’t your vibe, I’d recommend checking out the Warrington Market. It has a collection of fine foods such as noodles from Eastern Point, shawarma from Shawarma and more, and for dessert, I always go to the Dark Side of the Spoon for ice cream. It’s incredible! There is a selection of vegan, vegetarian and even gluten-free foods.

We then either take a little stroll to Parr Hall to watch a comedy show or any type of show. My favourite part of Parr Hall is the connected Pyramid Arts Centre, as it has a studio dedicated to my favourite actor and a lovely little bar in the basement. There are also expeditions currently ongoing in the Pyramid Arts Centre where you can see all the different types of art from Warrington. If theatre isn’t your thing, there is also a Cineworld right next to the site. This is fantastic if you’ve finished lectures early, you can treat yourself to a film after! 

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