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Daryn Egan-Simon, Senior Lecturer in History Education in the University’s Faculty of Education and Children’s Services, joined the likes of climate activist Greta Thunberg to be named in the top 10 released by the TES (Times Education Supplement) who were chosen for the impact or influence they have had on education over the past 12 months.

Daryn and Ed Finch, who was jointly recognised, developed the highly successful BrewEd, a grassroots organisation of teacher-led Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which takes place in the pub. Ed, a primary school teacher in Oxford, and Daryn said they enjoyed learning about the profession and wanted to be able to do it in a more relaxed and informal setting.

Daryn and Ed began chatting on Twitter about their shared view that something was missing in the field of education to enable teachers to talk about their experiences and develop their knowledge. Daryn and Ed wanted to create an event where teachers could have these discussions in a comfortable and more social setting and decided to set up BrewEd, with its first event at The Greystones pub in Sheffield in 2017, where the pair met for the first time.

The idea behind BrewEd is that all who attend are part of the day and are not sat in an audience listening. It enables teachers to be part of the conversation and talk about pedagogy, ideas that shape practice and not just tips for teaching.

Daryn and Ed encourage others to use the concept and adapt it to their own area and have seen it grow across the country into Europe and now globally, with an event held in Thailand in December 2019. Tickets are usually limited to 50 an event to give all a chance to communicate and network with promotion via Twitter and costs kept low to encourage attendance. All events are not-for-profit and are free from corporate sponsorship, with many BrewEd events raising money for local charities such as the Limbo Foundation which provides assistive devices for children. Anyone working in education can set an event up as long as they follow some simple guidelines.

Daryn said: “BrewEd is about creating a space for educators from all phases and sectors to come together to discuss/ debate issues and ideas around education. We chose the pub as it feels less formal and more intimate. BrewEd is a grassroots movement in the truest sense of the word. It is for educators, organised by educators and attended by educators. Anyone, anywhere can organise their own BrewEd event. There are no keynote speakers as such. Presentations are great (and are a part of BrewEd events) but it is dialogue that truly brings us together.

“Ed and I are both really honoured to be included in such a list, however, BrewEd would not be the success it has been if it wasn’t for all the wonderful educators who have organised and attended events across the country and beyond.”

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