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Living in Fisher House in my first year was one of the best experiences whilst being at University. For me, all I wanted was an en-suite and Fisher House provided that, and meant I had all my meals catered - which also meant I had an extra year to learn how to cook! Fisher House was always a hive of activity and just what I wanted when starting university. The shared common space and having meals in the dining room just a 10 second walk away allowed me to make friends easily as it meant there were plenty of socialising opportunities. The different people I met within the first few weeks saw me make friendships for life - people that I’m still friends with now four years later and have lived with ever since meeting them on the first day.

For me, sharing common spaces was something I was happy to do as I tried to get involved in as many opportunities as I could when living in Fisher House. Getting involved in different things in the first few weeks meant that I was only really in my accommodation to sleep! In terms of what I needed, it was perfect. It had a double wardrobe, drawers, lots of desk space, shelves and of course a bed, and I felt that I was able to really make the room my own. I brought pictures of my friends and family, fairy lights, cushions and home comforts to make the space feel like an escape from my studies. Plus, the washing machines were on site too!

The best part about Fisher House was that it was right in the heart of Exton Park (Parkgate Road), so I was always able to look out my window and see what was going on. Whether that be a football match on the pitches to go and watch, karaoke night in the bar or a charity event to get involved with, there was always something happening. Everything was on the doorstep and that made me feel like I wasn’t missing out any opportunities as I could see them from my bed!

Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about living in Fisher House. It was just right for me and what I wanted – the space to socialise with plenty of people and make friends, and being at the heart of all the University activity. If you are social and can’t be trusted to cook yet (like me!) then full board accommodation is the choice for you!

If you would like to find out more about the accommodation options available, we have an Accommodation Information Event on Tuesday 23rd March 4.30pm - 6pm on Microsoft Teams. You can book your place here

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