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I am currently a second-year student studying International Tourism Management at Chester Business School, Queen’s Park Campus. I absolutely love studying at this campus, it is steeped in history and boasts some brilliant architecture. As well as this, it caters to my every need as a student, and I rarely find myself having to travel to the main Parkgate campus. Within the library it is easy to find books for my specific subject as the campus is business orientated and so I am able to work with ease, knowing that I will be able to find everything that I need. The library on campus offers many great facilities, including plenty of computers, laptops, pods for group work, quiet study zones as well as all of the necessary books for each course that is taught there.

International Tourism Management is an extremely interesting course that focuses not only on tourism, but on vital skills that will be necessary to have when I am looking for a graduate role. For example, we have studied marketing in depth in first year, as well as looking into how to effectively conduct research in second year. I feel that this is enriching, as not only am I learning about the tourism industry, I am also being prepared for the business side of things, by learning about marketing and conducting research. 

I have had many enjoyable moments on my course throughout my past two years of study, one of them being having the opportunity to travel to the gorgeous city of Edinburgh in my first year at the University. Whilst on this trip, we were preparing for an assignment within our Understanding International Tourism module. For this assignment we had to put together a PowerPoint presentation in groups that showed the importance of marketing the city, as well as the impacts on the area due to mass tourism. This was a very interesting assignment as we were able to explore the historic city of Edinburgh, whilst also gaining vital information that would help us within our work.

I am excited to soon be embarking upon my third year of study within the business school as I have a great passion for my course and cannot wait to learn new and interesting things that will only allow me to expand my knowledge further of the tourism industry. As of yet, I am unsure of where in particular I want to work within the tourism sector and so I feel that my third year will really help me to find my passion within the field. The Business School has really helped me to thrive and find a true desire for study, which I feel I didn’t ever truly have within my college years. I am excited to see what the future holds and where my degree will take me.

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