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Ellie Roberts - BA Digital Marketing Graduate

Job: Management Trainee, Enterprise Rent a Car


What do you enjoy most about your graduate job?

 Having only just started my new venture with enterprise, I still find everything so interesting and everything is a learning experience. I’d say getting a graduate job is a nice way to ease you into the career you want to be in, working with people that have been in your shoes keeps you at ease, and helps your confidence, and your mentors want you to succeed. So, if you do find yourself looking at grad jobs, don’t be shy to apply for them, any experience is good experience.


What were your best moments at university? When I started university, I was probably the youngest person in my class, but that didn’t stop me from achieving everything I wanted from the University of Chester. I was more confident in speaking in front of people although I didn’t know them, and I met friends for life from my very first day at the University that helped me to where I am today. If I could give you advice, it would be to say yes to every night out or plan - having good friends at university will make your experience 10 times easier.


Why did you choose to study digital marketing?

When I was applying for university, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I chose subjects at A level that I enjoyed, which didn’t necessarily line a career path for me. I had teachers telling me not to apply, but I wanted a degree that I was able to combine my interest of business and art and chose to study digital marketing. I chose it because it was much more than just marketing, and I enjoy creating apps and websites, that I can now take forward into my career.


Do you have any advice for students and graduates?

My advice would be not to worry where you are in life compared to other students on your course. Everyone on my course had grad jobs lined up, and I didn’t because I didn’t feel ready, after graduating I continued to work in my part time bar job doing full time hours, before the right job came along for me. Don’t stress, there’s plenty of time to be an adult.

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