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At the end of my second year I was able to do a Work Based Learning module, or WBL as most of the students call it. Right at the start of the year I thought this module would be the most boring thing ever - turns out I was as wrong as I could be! 

Everyone was given a choice of where they wanted to do their five weeks of the module. Some people on my course chose to work shadowing in a lab, some at the police; I chose to do it in a college near to home. Going into it I thought I’d be sitting at the back of the class, not able to interact with the students or teacher because I wouldn’t know enough. But I quickly realised this wouldn’t be the case! 

The first class I was in I made a point of walking around the room as the students were revising, just to have to a look at what they were doing. After a while I realised that what the students were learning I knew quite well - I even ended up helping a student when he was having problem with one part of his work. And after the teacher went to look at the work, he said it was ‘very good’ and I felt so proud of myself in that moment. 

Not just for the fact that the student had got all of the work I had helped with correct, but that I had stepped outside of my comfort zone to help this student - teaching not only him but myself a lot in that moment. That wasn’t the last of my self-discovery over those five weeks. Yeah there were low points too - but great highs, both of them and everything in between taught me more about myself than any other five weeks ever had. But it wasn’t just the self-discovery I found. It was the confidence I found in myself, as well as a job part time at the college, a few people I’d like to think of as friends and much more of an insight into the teacher side of the education system then I thought I’d get to see. 

This five-week trip into a single college as made me realise a lot about the college system and made me push myself to become not just a teacher but a good teacher - one that can help their students to go as far as possible.

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