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At the end of another busy academic year, second year student Eugene Pam reflects on what brought him to study Marketing at Chester, and his highlights from the course so far:

"I’ve just finished my second year at university, studying Marketing Management at Chester Business School.

"After studying business and marketing in college, I knew I wanted my career to lie in marketing and the University of Chester was the place I wanted to be: the course is filled with interesting modules that are all relevant and beneficial for developing my understanding and preparing me for the workplace.

"For example, the Global Business Environment module in Year 1 involved learning how to market internationally in different cultures around the world. This was great, as working abroad is something I want to do in the future.

"With the digital marketing module, I feel well prepared for working in a rapidly-changing marketing environment.  In first year we were taught all about website design and legalities, as well as how to use search engine optimisation (SEO). In the second year we focused on social media marketing and managed our own social media campaign for a local company.  

"The course is also up to date in the ever-changing marketing environment in which concepts and forms of marketing are entering and shaping what we know and learn. The University is great for understanding and preparing us for this: The digital marketing module was so beneficial in doing this, which is why I chose to pick it as a module in my second year also. All these things I’ve learnt, I have been able to apply when looking for placements and work in the industry.

"One module which makes a massive difference for many students, as well as myself, is the Work Based Learning module, where students go on placement at an organisation of their choice.  We can choose to work with any kind of organisation we like, which provides the flexibility to try out a career you may be interested in, or to see if you definitely want to continue on your career path, whilst giving you first-hand experience on how it is working full time.

"My time on placement has been a valuable experience, as I have done tasks which I have never done before like blogging, which is something I will need do in the future.  I enjoyed being able to put my digital marketing knowledge into practice.  In addition, working in a group with other people has been helped me develop my communication skills massively.

"An option for most students studying in the Business School here at Chester is to take a placement year on the sandwich degree. This is where you go and work for a year in the industry you want to work in, in the future. For me, I felt that this would give me the best opportunity to prepare myself for working after university and give me an advantage in the future job market. For some, this may seem far ahead, but it’s something to take into consideration and staff at the University are always there to give you advice and guidance on what you want to do and what’s best for you, which is reassuring.

"If you’re coming to the University of Chester to study at the Business School, you will be choosing a place where you’ll get an amazing experience with lecturers and staff around you that really care, ready to help you with everything you need, and the preparation for the next step of your life."


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