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I am the CEO & co-founder of Edves Inc., an ed-tech entrepreneur and a full-stack software engineer with over a decade of experience in software development for banks, universities, and governments.

I applied to the University of Chester MBA programme for career advancement and to grow the impact of our business Edves, which is an education portal and school management software company. The goal was to expand in the Education sector in Africa and developing countries, and to acquire the knowledge to build a successful and impactful business.

The key outstanding part of my study came from the Faculty’s support for my learning outcomes. The modules on leadership gave me the opportunity to understand various styles of leadership, finance, and managing employees, and organisations by drawing ethical lines and conducting reflection on my past followership and leadership experience. The learning outcomes from business courses exposed me to understand how and why companies thrive for a long time through strategic issue identifications and adaption to social-political issues to expand across borders sustainably.

The learning outcomes from the MBA class have been leveraged to expand to five more countries and raised over $1m from Venture capitalists to grow the business. Also, we have reconfigured the balance between employee expectations and company objectives, and this has contributed to our business growth from 700 clients in 2021 to 1600 within a year of my study. We have now provided digital infrastructure (learning, administration and communication software) that supports over 29,000 teachers, 170,000 parents and over 400,000 students in 10 African countries.

Postgraduate programmes, such as MBA should be embarked with a plan on how to apply the knowledge to a business, or career attainment. My journey was clear because I knew what I wanted and the expected impact so, I was able to get over 100% of my expectations.

If you're interested in our MBA degree, or any of our postgraduate Business degrees why not pay us a visit? You can find out more about our upcoming in-person and online postgraduate events here.

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