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When considering going to university, the cost can be a worry for some people, however there are many loans, grants, bursaries and additional financial help available to students wanting to attend university.

Everyone who is a UK student going to university can apply for a student loan, which differs depending on which part of the UK your home address is in. The loan will likely cover your tuition fees and will partially, if not fully, cover your living costs or maintenance. All student finance loans are issued by the government and are based on household income. Furthermore, you don't need to start paying back your student loan until you're earning over a certain amount

The University of Chester offers a range of bursaries as well. There are several bursaries available to eligible part-time or full-time students, including a Foundation Year Bursary, General Bursary, Care Experienced Bursary, Estranged Student Bursary and a Carer Support Package. The main eligibility criterion includes having a household income of £25,000 a year or less and being a UK undergraduate paying tuition fees of more than £6,000.

There is a range of further financial support for those experiencing financial difficulty during their studies such as the Student Support Fund. As well as the Student Support Fund, there are a few grants available, including the Turn2Us, Adult Dependant’s Grant, and Childcare Grant. For students with a disability, learning difficulty or mental health concern, you may be eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowance which is funded by the Government. Our Wellbeing and Mental Health Team are happy to suggest ways for further financial support if you feel there is none that are suitable to your needs.

If travelling to Chester for an Open Day or a campus tour you may be able to apply for a travel bursary. If eligible, you could be in receipt of up to £100 to help with the costs of travel or accommodation during your trip.

Personally, I have benefitted from the additional help of a bursary which has allowed me to buy texts for my course, as well as helping pay my membership fee to the Athletics' Union, allowing me to take part in sports. Being eligible for a student loan has also been useful as I have not needed to look for a permanent job and so can focus on my degree more.

The University is happy to help with any queries relating to any of the above financial support. If you cannot find an answer to your question you can contact the Finance Department.

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